Friday, July 18, 2014

Busy busy busy still! Had a head bump in a car accident but that's no excuse as the Dr only prescribed "adult supervision" for one day. As soon as I gave that adult the slip I was onto more fun - sharing one of my favorite books and then getting requests for a follow up! My slightly jangled brain is hard at work on that idea!

And the biggest news is I'm celebrating Christmas in July! It's not just from the blow to the head, I promise.
Am having a sale on my Kindle Christmas Book: The Christmas Sisters 
99 cents for Monday July 21 Only!

If you don't have a KINDLE, it will be available in print from Amazon soon!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Fun!

Still keeping busy as only Helen can:

My side yard fairy garden is my favorite magical place
But can take time to let you all know about this great deal:

My Retro Romance is just one of a collection of 10 ebooks available all these place for 99 cents!

Have you picked up your copy of TEN BRIDES FOR TEN HEROES yet? How can you resist this great bargain? This BARGAIN bundle is available on these venues:
Kindle US:
Kindle UK:

Cool, huh? Having a lovely summer so far and hope you're making the most of yours as well! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Is there such a thing as a Barefoot Re Boot?

Home is where you can be yourself, even if you're a regular ass, and they still love you.

Nothing, and I mean, nothing reboots your soul like time spent with people you love. 

Just a few of the nefarious characters I was last seen with! 

More so if you also LIKE them.

World's tallest man, meet world's biggest blessings! (My cousin and daughter) 

Ever feel like Harry Chapin in the song W*O*L*D: "Sometimes I get this crazy dream that I just take off in my car..."?  Me too. So I did.

Oklahoma road, 3 women who can't remember where they last had their glasses (On their heads) tried to find a family farm house they hadn't seen in decades! 

Took an unscheduled trip to visit my hometown of Enid Okla and spend time with my cousins, my sister, my sister-in-law and dear friend.

Sweet! (celebrating National Donut Day)

The Bible tells us that a Merry Heart doeth good like a medicine. I could use a dose of this more often!

We have been secretly passing these decorative impalas from family member to family member for 20 years now! My brother's turn to take care of them until he finds someone to hand them off to.

Yes, I also thrifted a little. Cool scarf, huh?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Helen's Back!

Helen's BACK! (And she learned how to tie a Rosie the Riveter scarf)

Starting in July I will be going part time at my current job, allowing me time to blog again and hoping to start an ETSY shop (will announce it here when Hel's Kitchin' is up and selling).

Just did my first ever Vintage Fair and am hooked! 

It all started when I read this quote on Facebook: 

And feeling trapped and unappreciated in a job that demanded most of my time and almost all my joy was not getting me anywhere. 

So after a short vacation and time to set things up I hope to be selling vintage, writing new books and, of course, ruling the world. 

Um, I mean, enjoying life and blogging about it again.

No idea if anyone will see this but just writing it out has been wonderful so if you see it, thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! 

Monday, January 27, 2014


If this morning's news is to be believed Grammies are getting the much needed praise they have long deserved. 

Oh, My. It's nice to have admirers other than our stalker Earl back there.
*My Granny Shorter and I think her sister

I'm hearing about their fabulous red carpets.

We've been vacuuming for decades, it's about time someone noticed.

And bold fashion sense

An award for best wrapper? Well, I've had years of practice on gifts for the grandkids.
*My Aunt Oleeva, kind of our family granny after the real ones were gone 

Attention Madonna: THIS is how you rock a big hat.
*My Granny Shorter early in her marriage

About how they have made history 

I was country when country was all there was!
*My Granny Maggie as a Bachelor Girl before she married my grandpa

And how they are fun, young, the best of the best! 

Dear So called trendsetters: You didn't event having a good time. It's been in our family tree for generations.
*My beloved Mama just being herself!

All I can say is FINALLY! Grammies have long been all these things and more and it's about time our culture rewarded and recognized our grandmothers for all they contribute to... WHAT? Just another flashy award show? UGH.

They need MORE limelight? The things some people do to get a little attention.
*My Aunt Ruth, who grandma'ed me when she moved back to our town and her daughter had gone to college

I stand by my idea - sending my love to all Grannies, Nanas, MeMaws,Grandmothers and Grammies out there. You earned our respect the hard way, by putting up with US!  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Oh the weather outside is...

5 in of snow and wind chill below zero! It's def for the birds!

But the fire is so...

It's too cozy in our house to take down the Christmas tree so we put vintage valentines and pink monkeys and a vintage wedding cake topper and pink sparkly tinsel rope (which I just happened to have around) and had a Valentine's Tree!

And since we've no place to go...

Really, it has to be a day when the cat won't run outside for me to get sock monkey a hat on her! Total hat rejection in 5...4...3...2...

Because modern technology makes it so I can do my job from home, I'm staying in! Stay warm and safe, y'all. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


A woman's hair, it's no big deal right?

If your hair is no big deal, then clearly you aren't doing it right.
A bad hair cut now and then is just a part of life.

Clearly, you've had one before and lived to B*!ch about it.

I suffered in silence with a bad cut all through the holidays.

"I DO wish she'd stop greeting everyone with 'Happy Hair-do-Days? Not for me!'"
So finally decided to go to a new place and get a new do for the new year.
It came well recommended (which later turned into, oh, yeah, I don't think of the girls who did my hair are still there). At first glance, every stylist's hair was bad. Not weird or wacky. I like weird and wacky. I like people who dare with their hair.

A long standing tradition in the women in my family.
But in truth, a lot of really good stylists have bad hair. So I sat down in the chair, showed them a picture of Emma Thompson and shut my eyes.
The Result?

Emma, I ain't. But then, I wasn't working with the same set of tools to as her to begin with.

Don't hate it, don't love, love, love, love it. Which, in the long, sometimes antagonistic, sometimes almost accepting, always contentious  relationship with my hair, isn't bad at all.


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