Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Order in the Home!

"When there is order in the home there will be harmony in the nation, when there is harmony in the nation there will be peace in the world'."

Looking at the total lack of harmony in our nation and definitely shortage of peace in the world I can only conclude that the American housewife is falling down on the job. (I feel compelled as an act of courtesy to point out that remark is sarcasm!)

So toward that end and always wanting to aim toward the high standards expected of a loving wife, mother and homemaker, I intend to organize this blog into posting categories. They will include (though not be limited to - after all when world peace is at stake one must be prepared to make some exceptions to the rules) Homemaker Monday, To Thine Own Self Be True Tuesday(Manners/Beauty and Fashion/Self Improvement and/or a personal note from Helen Hartman) and Retro Recipes Fridays. Maybe even a Wacky Weekday if I find something totally and irresistibly odd to share.

In order to do my very best I am off to do research, to comb through my many collections of cookbooks, entertaining tomes, advertisements, magazines, books and booklets, as well as trying out this modern mode of connecting with others - the Internet. Back with more soon!
Sincerely, Helen

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