Sunday, November 7, 2010

Having it all? I don't even WANT half of it!

Busy week, sweet housewives, work, work, work, a little ache, a little joy, a little magic, a little miracle.

Blogging had to wait even though I so wanted to write about the wonderful women I have known and what they have meant to me.

I will share that as I struggled through some things of late my dear cousin, who is like a sister to me, asked about our mothers (who were sisters in law but also like sisters) - was it like this for them? They seemed to be able to handle anything when we so often feel like we have failed before our feet even hit the floor each morning. What did they have that we don't?
My answer: Each other.

Yes, we keep in touch more than ever online but it's tweets and texts, and newsfeeds and late night blog posts sent into the great unknown. As much love as we feel for one another we have lost the actual warmth of a familiar voice, the touch of a hand, the comfort of a shared smile. It's just not the same. Our moms knew it. They sat across kitchen tables from one another and shared recipes and regrets. They sat on benches and shared so much more than the endless hours of T-Ball or ballet or karate classes, they shared their lives.

Today it's hard to coordinate a holiday meal that doesn't require an apology for not being able to stay because we are expected elsewhere. We go. We do. We acquire and end up feeling gone, done in and empty handed.

We need each other. My mom knew it. My aunts knew it. I know it in some deep part of me even as I fill out my day planner writing all the way to the edges and up along the sides.

To all the women of the world who still know how much we give each other, to all who survived more than most of us could possibly imagine and did it side my side - you are my heroes. We modern women may have it all, but in doing so we've lost the coffee klatch, the daily phone calls to check in, the sisterhood of borrowing a cup of sugar and in doing so sharing our burdens. We've lost each other and are the worse for it.


  1. Thanks - wish I lived close enough for us to be "Travelin' Women", I miss you too.


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