Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tie One On!

A gorgeous scarf, of course!
What's on my mind today it's what used to be on every well-dressed head, or around every fashionable neck. I miss scarves. 

I've tried to wear the new styles. Really I have but I end up feeling like a child with my tablecloth superhero cape tied on backward. Too much scarf not enough style.

Style, sweet housewives, is a thing to be strived for... stroved for? For which to be strived? Striven? Style is peachy.
You should try your best to get some.
Nothing gives you instant style like a lovely scarf. Not just the print, but the fabric, the designer, the way you wear it and in this case, the vintage. 
Consider the classic mystery and elegance of a scarf worn ala Jackie O:

Or the carefree jauntiness of a kerchief. (Bless you… you know because it sounds like a sneeze? Trust me, Donut, that’s hilarious)

Or the flirtatious flip of a fifties style neck scarf (Don't look so self conscious  Tallulah, everything goes with basic black)

Or the I am woman hear me accessorize boldness of a Rhoda scarf around the head.

Scarfs can cover a multitude of sins. 
While others just are sins. See above, Rhoda scarf.) 
Really. It was kinda cute on her. Once. 

But all the time? What was she, a friggin gypsy?

Scarves can tell a lot about who we are but they can also tell the world where we have been: 

They can add a touch of color or  hide a hickey... I don't know how I know that, I think I read it somewhere. 

My favorite finds are these - 

The World's Fair because of the wonderful images and also I found it just before a trip to NYC where I wore it tied to my purse.

It was fun and helped my friends spot me in a crowd. (This was also the trip where I wore a gorgeous vintage typewriter pin and when an editor asked me where I got it, this sentence just flew out of my mouth before I could stop myself: “I stole it off a dead secretary.”
I wonder why my career hasn’t taken off like wildfire? 

Well, it’s not for a lack of style, sweet housewives, I’ll tell you that. Not with a drawer full of scarves  like this new one:
Isn’t it just divine. (And I don’t mean in that dead secretary gone to heaven kind of way)

Also it has a message dear to my heart as my darlin’ hubby is named Irving.  

 (Of course not, it’s Bob. Again, my imagination does me a disservice!)
No matter, I can’t wait to find the perfect way to wear it. Not sure how it will be but you can bet you sweet bippy it won’t be Rhoda style.

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