Monday, February 14, 2011

No hearts for me, but a kidney would be nice!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
The tray here is a 1930s vintage tray,

Often given as a wedding gift - because what new bride doesn't dream of a SERVING tray for your percolater, toaster and waffle iron?

 I know red is the traditional color but I am just tickled pink about my gift.

No heart shaped box could ever do for me what this atomic-era vintage kidney-shaped, mosaic coffee table did! 

To make it all the better I came across a wonderful surprise when I got it home and began the clean up (collecting vintage is a bit like being a mama, isn’t it? There is ALWAYS some spit and polish to do to make your darlings presentable). There was a handwritten sticker 

showing the table was called ‘Comet’ (NOW I get that pattern in the tile!) and purchased at Stewart’s Dry Goods which later became:

It goes well with these latest finds: A MINT condition floor lamp (it works – which is more than I can say for some people I know who got their start in the 1960s!) and office chair – 

makes me want to pull up typewriter and… wait, I don’t own a vintage typewriter… hey, sweetie are the stores still open?


  1. O Wow i love your table what a super find and to find that label underneath was just an added bonus. enjoy it, dee x

  2. Thanks - yes it was a bit grungy and I passed it by once but it preyed on my mind enough that I told my sweetie - This Valentine's Day, no candy, no dinner, a table please! The cool thing is he is a Louisville native who remembered when Stewarts was still called Stewart's Dry Goods so it was a kick for him, too.

  3. I just saw your post on Dana@Mid2Mod and when I read Stewart's Dry Goods I had to check out your blog. We shopped at Stewart's on a regular basis and my first sofa came from Stewart's. I live about 30 miles from Louisville. Your mosaic table is AWESOME!! Finding decent and affordable mid century items in Louisville can be a challenge, but, you scored in a big way.

  4. Your table is out of this world! What a wonderful piece! Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know where I could look at it!

  5. My Hubby knew Stewart's Dry Goods was Stewarts so he really loved thinking it had come from there. I am suddenly finding some Mid century - at Peddler's Malls around Louisville, but you're right - it's not the norm.

    Thanks for visiting Dana!


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