Thursday, February 3, 2011

W.W.E.D. - What Would ERMA Do?

My mom was the one who introduced me to Erma Bombeck.
Even as a young kid, who half the time didn't even know what Erma was talking about, I read her column faithfully. By the time I had my own kids, Erma had been a TV personality and far too soon she was gone from us.
Still, as a writer, a mom, a working American housewife and a woman, I still find so much to be inspired by in Erma's legacy and her words. I am often stunned at how her words still apply, how the emotions and issues she addressed haven't changed all that much. Women still struggle with unrealistic expectations, with feelings of inadequacy, with wanting the best for the people they love but not being sure how that's going to happen and with needing to find ways of making their own lives meaningful while managing to feed, clothe, shelter and shuttle around the human beings they would give their lives to protect but give their right arm to get a break from now and then.

 Whew. No wonder I often ask myself - What Would Erma Do?  The answer? To take an unflinching look at the situation, to be creative in your approach and most of all - find the funny in it. No wonder she is still beloved to those who remember her. To those who don't, or need a dose of Erma today:

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