Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Boys Barbeque

Ran away from home yesterday and found myself in downtown Taylorsville, KY - which isn't too surprising because 1)that's where I live, 2)That's where McDonald's is, and I was sneaking away to drink a Coke, which I am supposed to be NOT drinking. 
I do not think this is a bad thing because I was rewarded for it (what are the odds I'd suddenly develop Charlie Sheen type reverse Karma after all these years?)
Anyway, decided to stop into THE RED SCOOTER, an antique store run by the very special Beverly. My reward, saying hello to her, learning about the upcoming Apron contest (more on that as it gets near in May) and this treasure for 27 cents. 
 Stop with the pull my finger jokes, "Big Boy" and flip them burgers, we're hungry!

Great graphics add value to the useful tips inside!
1)Is that vine on fire? 2) that how to avoid a flareup is actually advice for surviving a meal with your family without resorting to threatening a loved one with a barbecue fork

Here's a little video tour of  The Red Scooter, it's a great place to visit if , like me, you sometimes need to sneak away to Taylorsville! 


  1. I am supposed to be on a coke free diet too but have decided to be good until Saturday rolls around lol.Would watch your video but it says its private.

  2. I'm a vegetarian but I'd snap that book up in an instant, the illustrations are fabulous. xxx

  3. That book looks like a fun read, bless you for running away ;-)) dee x

  4. Thanks for the info on the video - I uploaded at midnight - the side effect of drinking caffeine - karma, you did get me anyway ;)

  5. Vix - it's that tone of so much from that era of talking to adults in that cheery way that come off a bit like instructing a dense child that cracks me up too.

  6. Love the graphics in old cook books and the title of this one is priceless!


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