Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Can Hardly Contain Myself!

A heart is like a lock box, great for keeping important things safe, but you can’t begin to fill it until you dare to open it up.                           -Helen Hartman

Fresh Find Friday… loved the color, condition, and deco style and brass fittings of this file box. I have no use for it, no place for it and no plans for it but at $5, how could I not buy it? It's that kind of reasoning that makes my husband's eyes cross. Sometimes I just don't get him.

Today's post? Had it all planned.  A post about how hard it is to pin down the ‘high concept’ down for this blog and sharing some of my vintage pins – adorable by the way and on the slate for Monday. Then an unplanned turn, literally, as I went down a street in Jeffersontown, Ky to a small shop (An Eclectic Collector ) ... 
That's where I found it. You know, that thing you see across the room, it draws you to it, you take a good look and your heart suddenly skips? (Non collectors and treasure hunters, surely there is something that does this to you - the perfect plate of chili fries, maybe?)
Here... it... is

Pristine doesn’t seem good enough to describe it, it’s... it's... it's practically virginal! 

Missing the chain but that’s an easy fix and wasn’t particularly cheap – about what it would cost to get an evening bag new at a national department store – but what a find. I actually might sleep with it under my pillow tonight. I know I’ll dream of going to the big dance with the BMOC or going out to eat with friends who will be green with envy at my fashion savvy and ability to buy sparkly stuff!

What’s that? Oh, my!  A secret compartment?  It’s too good to be true!Whatever will I keep in there? A comb! I am so clever - they can steal my money but my comb will always be safe ... Unless I leave the card in that had an arrow pointing out the hidden compartment.
I don’t have many things like this – my mom’s old brass compact, a pill box, a green cigarette case with rhinestones (or is it for business cards – it seems to small for one, to big for the other, I just thought it was pretty and had sparkles and I love sparkles so it had to be mine) 

Ah. Treasures. Sparkles. Bargains.
Life is good - open yourself up to it!


  1. I love those little compacts--you find the neatest stuff!

  2. Great find and a secret compartment as well. I have never seen one like this.

  3. O WOW no wonder your jumping up and down i can feel your excitment from here and i know just how you feel ;-)) Im so excited for you to that is just stunning i have never seen a bag like that before with all those little compartments what a little dream boat, enjoy enjoy enjoy it ;-)) Dee x

  4. Thanks y'all - it is just gorgeous. The lipstick tube and powder compartment have never been used. I honestly did sleep with it on my nightstand so I could wake up to it and smile. Love having blog friends who understand!

  5. My heart would have skipped a beat to find that also. Oh my it is special for sure. Love your little collection of compacts and small blingy things! Thanks for joining JFF this week. hugs, Linda

  6. I can feel your excitement from here! What lovely finds, I'm so happy for you (and a tad envious!).xxx

  7. The evening bag is deliciously sweet! I've never seen one with a lipstick compartment like that. How cute! Great find.

  8. Love it! What a fabulous find!

    ~ Tracy

  9. I am still pleased with it, no buyers remorse. Can't figure out how one get the lipstick into the tube, though. Do you think it goes back to the days when women conserved and reconstituted their lips sticks into a new one? Not sure. It seems to be Lucite and brass (though not one bit tarnished)
    Linda - I love your Friday finds because I add so many new blogs to follow!

  10. You would definitely be "The Belle of the Ball" with this bag. It's gorgeous! I love that feeling when you spot something that makes your eyeballs spin around in their sockets, your heart doesn't know whether to flutter or just abruptly stop.....and you find out that one little item won't require you to sell your kids' braces for scrap metal to pay for it.

  11. LOL on selling braes for scrap metal - found some other things this week so decided I needed stuff more than having my hair cut, ponytailing it for another week!

  12. You will be Tres Chic when you carry that out to dinner. Lovely & fun post.


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