Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Things Are Just Hard to Pin Down

Dear Helen Hartman,
These days I wake up and look in my closet and don’t have a thing to wear! My husband tells me to not wear anything then (where do husbands go to learn those corny jokes?).  I am so tired of my same old outfits, how do I give them a lift? 
                                             Love some help in Fashionville.

Dear Loved One, 

Some things are just hard to pin down – a politician’s real motives, a celebrity’s real age, a greased pig – but freshening up fashion is not one of them. It’s all about the accessories! Nothing revives a plain blouse or sweater like a pin with personality. 


Feeling Foxy?             
                                 Feel the day might be improved with a little Scotch? What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt anyway?

My own collection seems have some familiar themes. Who can resist a poodle with a bow? Or without one?
They just scream high fashion? Don't they? 
Parlez Vous Fabulous?

 Of course some days I'm all about the business! 
And I let my jewelry let the world know that. (of course my jewelry can't do everything so I have a great story about one of the eyeglasses pins - got lost in Oak Park, Ill, found a street fair and forgot to care that I was lost and shopped - and the green pin, bought at an estate sale in Kansas City, but when an important editor in NYC asked me where I got it I said I stole it off a dead secretary - she did not buy my book, why?

Aside from being ultra classy, I started buying bowling pins (get it, bowling pins? Yes, it is funny. In fact it's HILARIOUS, trust me) to give as prizes when I held a Wii bowling tournament. Then why do I still have so many bowling pins, you ask? You ask a lot of questions. Maybe you should let your jewelry do your talking more, okay?
In conclusion, vintage pins are just the cat's meow!
This is what I imagine my cat's dreams look like - hope all your dreama come true today - if you are dreaming of enjoying vintage goodness, they already have!


  1. Cute post! Love those poodle pins!

  2. I love the poodles so much! Great collection. xxx

  3. The poodle craze just makes me smile - was it strictly 50s?Anyone know?

  4. My husband answers the same all the vintage pins.

  5. i just love brooches i don't leave home without one, love the poodle one so cute ;-)) have a lovely week, dee x

  6. Soooo cute!!!

    Don't get me started on buying pins, I'll never stop!!

  7. I love your collection of pins! The poodles and the cats and the eye glasses oh my! Sigh...another collection I could wish for!! hugs, Linda

  8. Such a wonderful collection you have there! My favorites are those bowling pins!!!

  9. Oh, I want the cateye glasses holders!


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