Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning In Style

Dear Helen Hartman
Spring is around the corner (or so the calendar tells me, the view out my window says differently) and the urge is upon me to do a little Spring cleaning as soon as the season arrives and I can throw open the windows and freshen up my house.
                 Would love some helpful hints for getting ready for the big clean up.

Dear Loved One,
When Helen gets such an urge she takes something for it… usually a nice long tropical vacation. Of course, Helen’s idea of spring cleaning is to haul a winter’s worth of empty wine bottles to the recycle center and kick last season’s man friend to the curb. (If wisdom is born of learning from one’s mistakes, then I like to think of my life as one big learning annex). But like most things in life, if you must clean, you should make every effort to look good for it. Nothing can help you do that like a vintage apron.

Love This 50s Girly Girl - note she always dressed for the chore at hand - and so perfect for the housewife who might forget what she needs to do each day!
Speaking of Handy - Grandma's Apron comes with pockets for glasses, Cigarettes, Tranquillizers, tissues and Grandpa's money. Ah, that grandma, what an operator - makes you want to kick up your heels and dance, n'est ce pas?
Gorgeous fruit print and Fruit men!
Perfect for the housewife hot tomato! Or the dancing pots and pans!
These two are just lovely and new w tags and minty.

Below are the bib styles I adore - In the Dog House Again? A form fitting veggie print, an 
adorable tropical print and an apron top I could totally see on Millie Helper, the Petrie's neighbor in the Dick Van Dyke Show, over a black and white striped shirt and black stretch pants with ballet flats.

Hope where ever you are there's a spring in your step and remember (seen attributed to many people): If you can't be a good example, then serve as a terrible warning. But, please, loved one, try to look good doing it!

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  1. I love to come by and visit you since you are a hoot. Have a wonderful day sweetie.

  2. Oh, my the Grandma apron is so funny!!! You've found some GREAT aprons!!!

  3. No...I think I love your blog more! It's so refreshing. And that Grandma Apron.....good golly Ms. Molly. Never saw one with a cigarette pocket. Love that! The perfect pocket for today's cell phone, not that I carry my cell phone around with me when I house clean. Or not that I even clean if I can help it. :)

  4. I've never had a hankering for a pinny until now! What fabulous aprons, especially the one with the tranquilliser pocket, hilarious! xxx

  5. P.S. I forgot to say thanks for noticing the crown ... no one else did! :) I love my crown. A queen always wears her crown.

  6. I love aprons. Those are so unique and interesting!!

  7. Moving all the wine bottles to the recycle bin...Now you're my kind of cleaner! Love it! I had my grandsons for two straight days, and I could have used the tranquilizer pocket about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon!

  8. Thanks y'all - Grandma's certainly led interesting lives back then, didn't they?

    Lynn - of course I noticed the tiara - it was the perfect touch!

  9. Grandma's Apron -- what a hoot! But I have to say it reminded me of Aunt Ileene's apron, if only there were a pocket for black-as-night-during-an-eclipse-of-the-moon hair dye. Love your blog! Thanks for making me smile.

  10. I love the fruit and tomotoe ones ;-)) infact there all gorgeous. You just have to love an apron they really do warm your heart. dee x

  11. They just show such personality, don't they, dee? The one I actually use looks like overalls (not very vinty) but love it.

  12. Oh my I love them all!!
    My mamaw wore an apron everyday of her life, she was wearing her handy dandy apron when she passed away a few year ago, sitting in her chair working a circle the word puzzle.
    Mamaw kept money, string, safety pins, buttons, Kleenexes,and a little black comb in her apron pockets. She was a janitor at our elementary school and if she saw one of her grandkids with "mussed up hair" while we were at school, she would whip out that comb and spruce us up real quick.
    Aprons are one of my favorite collectibles.

  13. Kym - that's such a special memory!


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