Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning? Suddenly I long for snow.

                   Spring has sprung, the grass has ris,  I wonder where my housekeeper is...
Why can't I muster the sheer joy for housewifery that advertisers tell us our foremothers had?

Sigh. If you're like me, sweet housewives, the only place you'll find that housekeeper is in your nearest mirror. (btw I NEVER buy vintage mirrors, it's a Southern thing). BUT my inner housekeeper made a promise that after a deadline is met at work this week there would be a week of spring cleaning (including painting the bedroom - vintage colors besides aqua, anyone???).

Phyllis Diller says that cleaning your house while your kids are still at home is like shoveling the drive while it's still snowing.
So exploring the world of vintage household hints today:

cleaner living through chemistry, anyone?
This little gem advises one use kerosene, lemon, washing powder, ammonia, bluing, borax, benzine, boiling... 

Another is just crazy with advice like - avoid dust catchers! What???
You think this is about homemaking? If you've read many of these things you know differently.
Thank you, All-Bran, for helping me keep my family, um, healthy.

Well, just thinking about this has me depressed.
So I tried to find an old family photo of mom, grandmoms, aunts, cousins cleaning house - cleaning anything - for inspiration.
And I got it. Not the photo, the inspiration.
I found women in swimsuits, women beer drinking, family picnics, kids stuffing their faces, happy couples, girls on hoods of cars, dancing, eating, laughing, laughing and more laughing.
Go Zoe, Go Zoe, Go the Charleston!
The original Kitchen Goddesses:  Let June Cleaver keep her pearls and heels, dress like this and your hubby won't give a hang about what's for dinner.

Goodbye Victoria's Secret, Hello Betty the Blabbermouth
New cars and new wives, 1946 was a very good year.
Our best cleaning advice? Drink until you can't see the dirt.

More evidence that I come from a long line of forward thinking women!
So do the kind of spring cleaning that counts - spruce up your spirits, air out your attitude, belt back a cold one.
The best way to keep your house in order is to fill it with good friends, loving family and lots and lots of laughter, that's what I'm going with.


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