Monday, March 14, 2011

Time out!

Still going back and forth with Picasa – I order more space, it goes through, then 36 hours later, my order cancels (yep, I PROMISE the cards – I’ve tried 2 so far now – are good). Others are having issues on the forums so…
Trying something new right now – maybe this will be the fix.                       IMG_0145
Meanwhile I feel like I’m sitting in the corner… but LOVING finding new blogs and admiring what everyone else is doing!


  1. I haven't bought more space from Picasa yet but I will because they save all your blog pictures there and when I tried to delete 2 they took them off the blog. I guess it's another way for google to make money.

  2. Yes - it's really cheap and I am happy to do it, but apparently the process is not smooth, Happily, I deleted pics from older blogs that have been long unattended while we get it sorted.

  3. I do like that step-up stool! I could do with one of those to reach the top of my cupboards and unearth the hoards of tat up there. xxx


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