Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Week in Finds

It's been a vintage week, five days of fabulous finds:
Monday - a minty kitchen cart for 15 dollars! (you can't see this but the wheels have gold sparkles!)

Kitchen cart? Don't you mean Kitty Cart? I expect to be wheeled around wherever I want to go, thank you very meow-ch.

Tuesday- I couldn't bring it home but it did say 'For Sale'... and I TOTALLY wish I could buy it and use it for a store or office, don't you?

Wednesday  - Wow, redecorated my bath for around $10!!
The wire magazine rack $7, plate from Target (the shower curtain from there, too, btw - if you can't time travel  the next best thing is Target) $2, aqua dish and cup/holder thing $1 each.

Thursday, again I can't buy it but I can't tell how cool and retro fun this place looked from the road as I rode along to see a client in Charlestown, Indiana.What's Friday night without a special treat? 
More from my 27 cent Big Boy Barbecue cook book  - something for the vegetarians, or perhaps the tasteless - they look so yummy, don't they? 

Hope you find your weekend everything you could wish for!


  1. Love that cart and the cat is cute also!

  2. I love those blues and yellows together what gorgeous curtains ;-) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  3. Love the shop site for sale I can just see a vintage junk shop there

  4. Thanks y'all.
    Nelly - it has set empty protected by a very active historic society for years in Shelbyville KY and have dreamed for years of a coffee shop/bookstore/antique store or something there. It's in beautiful shape.

  5. I wish I could buy that gas station! That would be awesome!!

  6. Scores! I was admiring a trolley like that in the Salvation Army this week. Your gorgeous cat looks very much at home on it. xxx

  7. The gas station looks like it's in a bit of a run down place in that photo, but it's not - it's on a main street of huge old houses. It's just so cool.

    Just wanted to add that the cart with the kitty on it is being used for our printer (because no matter how well fitted out home office is, we always seem to end up printing in the kitchen) not for serving food. We love our kitty but not enough to have hair in our food!

  8. Oh my gosh~ thank you so much for stopping by and I cannot believe how much your little cuties resembles Scooter. Wow. We must be related ;-)

  9. PS I'm going to follow you and love your blog ;-)

  10. Thanks - it's so funny because I thought my kitty was a patchwork one of a kind but she even has the orange patches and the stripey legs.

  11. Love that cart and the magazine rack!

  12. Wait. Did you say barbequed spiced bananas?


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