Monday, April 11, 2011

Blowing in on Blue Monday

OOPS wrong Blue Monday - visitors on 4-18 - here's the current post!
Not old, my hubby made this - talented and me for a helpmate, the man has it all.
Joining my first ever Blue Monday with Smiling Sally today!

Dear Helen Hartman,
           I’ve heard the expression blue Monday but never really embraced it fully until today when a whole new set of allergies I didn’t know I had got me by the nose. Now I’m calling it Blew Monday.
                          Love some relief!                                                              

Dear Loved One,
         Helen never got the Monday blues, either, especially not with two darling children and a hubby who all left the house Monday morning for work and school. Helen liked to call it “Dance Naked and eat Cookie Dough Monday” but somehow that never caught on. As for allergies – Helen does not dispense medical advice (well, not anymore – turns out there are some things love and chocolate won’t help!)
But think on this: The world is full of little flecks of fabulousness (and bargains!) in all colors but in honor of you, blue Monday, a few examples I don’t have to get out of my peignoir (yes, Helen wears a peignoir like Lisa Douglas on  Green Acres, pay no attention to the woman in the T-shirt and boxer shorts behind the keyboard) to share.
Enjoy and hope your allergies blow over soon.
Saw this fellow time and again on a shelf and couldn't imagine why no one snapped him up - maybe because he looks like he needs a mate - poor lonely blue boy! He's mine now.
I couldn't resist this Riceland Rice book for the cultural campiness, the photos that included fun kitschy figurines and the, um, amazing recipes.

 Yes, German Salad in my Asian 'Inspired' cookbook, rice added, of course! The real reason I have to show this is that the dishes are the very pattern I grew up eating off of, my mom's cherished Blue Danube, the pattern my family still uses today. Big picture. Small flecks of fab. Life goes on and there are reminders of love everywhere if you only look for them. That's nothing to sneeze at!


  1. Well, hello Helen, glad to have you join us.

    Happy 1st Blue Monday!

    Be sure to check out my book giveaways.

  2. Your hubby is a very talented stained glass artist and you, Dear Helen, give great advice!!!

  3. Such a talented hubby. I think our special treehouse might like a stained glass window! I'm loving the idea of eating cookie dough...maybe not dancing coworkers wouldn't approve. You crack me up.

  4. I'm not so sure about the dancing naked at my age (that would be downright scary), but the cookie dough idea sounds like a winner.

  5. I can't imagine dancing naked unless all the blinds are closed and I didn't have to look in a full length mirror. I think Maxine would add "eat cookie dough washed down with a Grey Goose martini". Great post!

  6. LOL y'all. I'd never dance naked either - but dance fully clothed doesn't have the same ring, does it?

  7. I love picking up vintage cook books. They are that little blue boy. I'm quite sure he won't be lonely anymore in your home!

  8. Dear Helen, I had the same Dance Naked and Eat Cookie Dough Mondays. Always looked forward to Mondays when the hubby went to work and the kids went to school. (And... I have danced nekkid. Just don't tell anyone. Shhhh.)

    I've also found the allergies I never knew I had today. Been sniffing all day.

    Love the candlestick guy!

  9. I loved that little stained glass church and Lisa Douglas's style. I need a peignoir set too.

  10. Heya, thanks for following my blog! I'm glad you liked it :) Love your too, and the header is fab!

    Miss K

  11. Hello:
    How could we not be enchanted, amused and captivated by your wondorously original blog? We came across you by pure chance and are, of course, signing up immediately as Followers.
    Living as we do by the 'Blue Danube' for the majority of our time, this particular post has a certain resonance.
    We shall return for more of your timely advice.

  12. That stained glass is gorgeous! I'm impressed! I sure would love to bump into you at the grocery store and see you dancing, "you know":)

  13. Jane and Lance - love your blog right back. So interesting, I know it will be a favorite of mine.

    Debbie - if you're in the grocery store anyway, just hop to the aisle with the pre-made Jell-O salads and give one a shake, that's pretty much what I'd look like!

  14. Lovely!

    Would you please come and see my Blues? Thanks a lot!


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