Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Basket Case

DEar HEleN HArtmAN,
            WhAts ThE Deal with the Easter Bunny? Some of my frieNds get chocolate bunnies and Jelly beans, others get tOys And games and some get real bunnies!!! Is that fiar?
                                    I Wound love to figure out how To get Better LOOT

Dear Loves the Loot One
            It’s rarely wise to compare yourself to others… unless, of course, it’s feeling superior to that does-her-hair-with-a-borrowed-egg-beater, buys-perfume-at-garage-sales-adds-some-water-and-hands-them-over-in-a-boutique-bag gift giving neighbor of Helen’s. I mean, how can you NOT?
            Now, where were we? Oh, yes, what you get in your Easter basket? Well, loved one, like much in life, it’s all relative. You should have been more like Helen and had the forethought to have better ones – relatives, that is.
            Helen has the best… as evidenced by this amazing Easter Basket I got in the mail from my cousin Patje. Feel free to take a peek, compare and be jealous. I mean, because you can’t help yourself, can you?

The whole basket right for joining Treasure Hunt Thursdays at Blue Creek Home
 A whole basket of goodies - old brochures, booklets  - yes there is a book on better laundry, a poem about Rat for Lunch (also seen with the coaster and book in the bunch) and a photo of someone sitting on their ass. Jealous yet?
 But wait... there's more! Itty bitty cow creamer pitcher... so cute!

 Is it just me or does this child seem to be saying "Please, Father, can we eat today?" And Dad says, "Ha, ha, ha, children. Eating is for grown ups!"

Included was a 1929 cookbook given to her by our dear Aunt Ileene. A lovely little book with examples like this - Salads illustrated by photos of rich deserts!
For me THIS one section explains sooo much about our family.

My second favorite is a book on drink recipes and toasts:
Here's to Rednesday at It's A Very Cherry World
Not that Helen needs to be told how to be the perfect host (or how to mix a drink) but when she reads tidbits like this, it just makes her feel so clever.
Not because she would SAY these things but because she no longer lives in a world where people toast about skirts and how nothing is going on in women's heads.
Just the thing for Share the Love Wednesday at Very Merry Vintage Style

Brother Dave Gardner says: Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. I hope you get what you want and want all you get and if you don’t, don’t sell the leftovers to my tacky neighbor or Helen may have to talk about you, too!


  1. Hello:
    With any luck we will avoid all of these things! But, having said that, and on consideration, a vintage poster or two never goes amiss. We particularly like the one of the family in which the children are clearly appealing for food. But why is Mr. America dressed in suit and bow tie whilst his wife [doubtless 'partner' these days] is attired rather in the manner of a waitress?

  2. now that is what I call my kind of Easter basket!! How fun!

  3. You leave me are too funny!!!

  4. That was so cute and it looks like you got some great goodies there.

  5. Oh cute shots for Rednesday...

  6. OK, I AM jealous. I want to trade cousins.

  7. What a fabulous basket filled with just the perfect goodies. Happy Easter! Happy Rednesday!

  8. Fun post to see and to read - thanks.

  9. You have a wide variety of reds represented here!


    I’m heels over head
    In love with Red,
    There’s nothing that I won’t do
    To let you all know
    I love Red so—
    Nothing, of course, against you!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Blazing Ocotillo

  10. Ha ha ha I never thought of a vintage filled basket!!!

  11. Magical Mystical Teacher I LOVED your photo and poem today. Artistry in red... and yellow... and pollo.

  12. Hehe. What a fun take on blogging. Fresh, witty, and totally unique. So glad I came by.

  13. I hope your brand of Easter bunny visits me. :) I have said it before but it must be said again. You are adorable and clever beyond words. :)

  14. A great basket of goodies ;-)) dee x

  15. Pam - your site is a delight!
    Jori and dee - thanks - I love my cousin, she is thoughtful like this but maybe next year I'll tell her I'm collecting gold and diamonds instead of booklets!

  16. Thanks for bringing your Easter basket full of vintage loot to Treasure Hunt Thursday!!!
    I love all of the vintage ads!
    And, I love your brightly colored blog!

  17. Thanks Rhonda - Treasure Hunt Thursday is a hoot!

  18. Hello, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Im glad you did as I think yours is fab! I cant wait to read some more X

  19. I want an Easter basket like that!
    Your blog is fabulous... your newest follower!
    Cricket @ gypseanurse

  20. Love all the vintage goodies--Thanks for linking up!

  21. I am so glad you liked your little surprises! Of course your clever comments made them even more fun. Hope you have a glorious Easter. Love you, Cousin Patje

  22. Thanks y'all and Happy Easter to all.

  23. Too too cute! Thanx for the laugh!


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