Friday, April 29, 2011

Every Wedding Day Brings its own Tale, some Fairy, some Fishy!

Dear Helen Hartman,
      I've just watched the Royal Wedding and now feel like no other wedding will ever measure up to the fairytale!
    Loved it all, maybe a little too much

Dear royally Loved One,
  All couples have a unique story. A wedding is only a chapter (though some people say it's more like a life sentence - ba-dump-bump). Each time I see wedding trappings in sales or thrift shops or antique malls I have to touch and wonder about the circumstances. Who knew Helen was such a romantic? Not even feeling the least bit snarky. So much we had our own little wedding acknowledgement on vacation:

Not THE dress, but it was for some bride, wasn't it?

Not Kate's veil (the bow was HUGE, I'm thinking it went on a big ol' 60s bouffant hairdo because the hair would have to be that fab to compete with this)

Not the royal wedding party (not sure what's with the lime green plastic bridesmaids but they had more than a dozen of them)

Not a real English Pub, as it was not in England....

        But the fish and chips were delish!

Best wishes to the happy couple!

Come back tomorrow and take the What Kind of Vintage-Pop Culture Princess Are You Quiz!


  1. This is the first morning that I didn't mind the 5:40 alarm. What a beautiful bride and ceremony. I can't wait to rewatch it with my 12 year old later today. I'm loving all those lovely green bridesmaids in your post. Divine!

  2. Great post, loved the royal wedding today too! i always wonder about the dresses I see on my charity shop visits - most of them however are the 80's puff ball dresses which never get sold! Scarlett x

  3. Is it an age thing? I watched Charles and Diana's wedding but wasn't nearly so captivated as today. They just seem so happy and so comfortably in love. I don't think I was that calm on my wedding day and there certainly weren't a billion people watching. Can't wait to take your quiz.

  4. Kim - yes, I wonder did someone actually HAVE those as wedding colors?

    Scarlett - oh, dear, my own dress was a bit puffy! I tend to think newer dresses in shops are never worn or from divorcees but the older ones, I imagine someone preserved them for years and years and when they were gone...

    Non wedding excitement? I think it's less an age thing and more a - we'll see it over and over and over again on TV AND/OR can see it online whenever we feel like it. Gone are the days of having to make time for something, now everything is at our convenience.

  5. I slept through the wedding, but did see the kiss! I'll be back tomorrow, because although I've always thought of myself as somewhat of a vintage princess, it will be good to actually see it confirmed!

  6. They had a lovely wedding but I have never seen a bride and groom that were not gorgeous. Love will do that to you.

  7. The wedding started at 3:00 am my time. I was up all bright eyed and bushy tailed for it. I loved it. It was completely fabulous. :)

  8. I loved the line about the pub. While everyone else is hooting about the lime green bridesmaids, I'm doubling up about "as it was not in England." Go figure...LOL

  9. Great post, love all those darling little plastic bridesmaids! Thanks for sharing at VIF! xo Debra

  10. I just need those stinkin cute bridesmaids. Missed the wedding as I was getting my much needed beauty sleep and then had to get dressed for work. That also includes time for beauty enhancement. I do know where that pub is, are the bridesmaids nearby? You know how it is when you are on the vintage prowl!


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