Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too, Helen does!

Dear Helen Hartman,
            I’m told that the clever vintage home maker keeps goodies around the house to serve in case someone drops by but I don’t know what to have on hand.
            Love to know what you do for unexpected guests

Why yes, that does make me see red!
Dear Loved One,
           What do I do for unexpected guests? You mean after I sic my poodle on them, video them running up a tree and posting it on You Tube as a warning to anyone else who gets such a silly idea in his or her vapid little head? 

Kidding. Helen is such a kidder (those videos were all good clean fun, you know). However, your query makes Helen think of a song… If I knew you were coming I’d have bake… b… Oh, let’s get real here. I’d have BOUGHT a cake.
But I would have put it in one of my treasured serving pieces 
Tiara Glassware cake plate I got for high school graduation - sadly I think that makes it vintage!

and maybe doll it up with pretty, pretty decorations and pass it off as made in my charming, lovely kitchen with my own two little hands. 

I said the decorations were pretty, not that Helen's cake decorating skills were

Yes, it’s a lie. But then again, it’s cake! 
I get the fun of making up a big fat whopper to earn the adoration of others. You get cake. No one has to wash an egg beater. 
Bought it for its beauty use it because it still works like a charm

One of those odd things I couldn't resist
I think it's a cake cutter,

That, loved ones, is Helen’s definition of being a well prepared hostess. Now go, run off to the nearest thrift store and pickup some pretty serving pieces, then go get a cake. Helen is feeling like paying you a visit!     

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  1. Hello:
    It is all a little depressing to discover that all of one's kitchen utensils are now described as 'vintage' and are to be found on market stalls [at hugely inflated prices] or,worse still, in antique shops [no price tag visible]. Where, we wonder, does that leave us?
    But what good advice is given here where there is no suggestion that we should actually venture into the kitchen and bake a cake. We are at one with you, serve up 'shop' cake, and do so with pride.

  2. I had those charming ballerinas on my bday cake in the 3rd grade. This post is making me want to whip up an angel food cake and skip work. I also have to add that your cocktail linen with the Tiara Glassware cake plate is DIVINE!!!

  3. Well I'm coming over for an unexpected visit..since I see your prepared..lol

  4. Jane and Lance- sometimes when I need a kitchen 'thingy' (candy thermometer recently) I shop vintage because they are too hard to find ones in mega stores. My kids were puzzled that I actually USE that egg beater. I love the whirrrrr of it. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Kim K - that T-towel I bought 2 days ago at KROGER!! Isn't it fab? The other one in the set is all polka dots. I may have to get more, they are the perfect t-towel fabric and perfect for summer.

  6. Angela - you crack me up. The poodle is waiting (he look ferocious, right?)

  7. I always keep cookies on hand. Great for serving with a cup of tea.
    Those hand beaters are still great to use. I've got mine sitting next to the Kitchenaid stand mixer. Great when the power goes out, but then how would I bake the cake?? :)~Ames

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha great post had me smiling from start to finish you so sweet ;-)) Love those cake tins well stands ;-) Enjoy your cake, dee x

  9. I absolutely LOVE vintage cake takers, but I never bake, so it's kinda pointless for me to buy one. I'll just look at other people's collections. :)

  10. Thanks delia - Dana I am going to hide stuff in the cute one (not the plain one) - It looks cute on top of the fridge. Looking good and hiding stuff, ahhhh vintage gold.

  11. What a fun blog you have here! Love all of your serving pieces, and like you, if company comes, I BUY a cake! Oh, and I'm now a follower, and I can't wait to read all of your old posts!
    Happy REDnesday,

  12. Oh I love that cake plate...and the little ballerinas of course! FUN!

  13. Love me the vintage serve ware. I'll be happy to bake the cake if you bring the carrier to take it home in!

    I think I even know most of the words to "If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd A Baked a Cake", thanks to my parents and their records.


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