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The Princess Quiz

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Dear Helen Hartman,
  Now that William and Kate have found each other, had a fairytale wedding, pledged love and fidelity, and made a start to their own happily ever after, all I can think is: Great.  One less chance for a prince to make ME a princess.
     When is it MY chance to wear a crown and boss people around using MY good taste and better way of doing things (I know more than a few people – they KNOW who they are - who it wouldn’t hurt to have ME ordering them around).
            Love to meet a princely-type man who will make my princess dreams come true         

Dear Royal Pain-ed One
         Trust me, Your (on your) High(horse)ness, nobody who reads your note thinks you need a MAN to give you permission to do ANYTHING! Helen understands completely your desire to set a few people straight. In fact, I think I’ll start with you. Be who or what you want to be (though don’t be surprised if people are not all that keen on being, um, governed by your regal counsel).  If you want to stick something sparkly on top of your head and celebrate your uniqueness, go right ahead.
Don’t wait for someone else to tell you that you are special. You are.
We are daughters of Queens and paupers, adventurers and housewives, of Eve and Mary, Mata Hari and Madam Curie, Amelia Earhart and Ma Kettle. The world would have been a lesser place without them… as it would be without us.
Helen always says “A woman wears many hats in life. Why shouldn’t one of them be a tiara?”

Pageant Crown, yes it's mine. No, I didn't win it. I earned it (let me count the ways) so I bought it!

Just for fun this quick quiz for all those vintagey-crafty-junky-designy divas to see what KIND of princess you are:

The Vintage/Pop Culture Princess Quiz
It may look like a hair doo-dad but trust me, to her, it's a crown.

Study these samples of common princess situations and find out.

1)You meet a talking frog who tells you he is really a prince under the spell of a wicked witch. Only a kiss from you will restore him to his true form. You…
         a)Kiss him! What have you got to lose? If he’s not a prince, you can always plop him in your garden to catch bugs.
         b)Tell him to take a hop… you are not falling for that old fairytale… again.
         c)A talking frog? Forget kissing him, you make him your partner in your newest nightclub act.
         d)Kiss him, but only like he’s your brother. You don’t need a prince, after all, you’re a force in your own right.

2)You haven’t been able to sleep for many nights in a row, you just know you won’t be able to rest until you…
         a)Find the source of the discomfort and figure out at least 3 things you can do with it – pea soup, pea-bead necklace, pea-colored dye for the fabric of your next sewing project.
         b)Remove the pea under your mattress then rearrange the furniture to give the room good flow, great light and just the right balance between romance and whimsy. Ambiance and accomplishment, that’s what makes a girl sleep well at night.
         c)Yawn, adjust your adorable striped man-style pajamas get up, push the person out of the matching twin bed next to yours(because all bedrooms have twin beds in YOUR kingdom), settle in and start snoring again.
         d)Not just find the pea, but also get some answers. You will not stop until you have collected all the peas and the authentic antique pod that goes with them.
This will show that Cissy Van Howser who is the REAL Queen Bee on the block

3)The King and Queen are holding a ball to find the prince a wife and you already…
         a)have the perfect paper and stickers to scrapbook about the big night
         b)are getting a pedicure, because every detail counts when you’re wearing see-through shoes
         c)learned all the dance steps and are dieting because you know you can fit into the costume in time,(as long as you don’t get your head stuck in a loving cup or something)
         d)made up a royal husband hunter’s kit. Swatches? Check. Camera? Check. Cash? (in case the royals don’t take checks) Check.

4)You find yourself outside a quaint little house in the woods with seven little men inside, all you can think is…
         a)I HAVE to find out where they get their stuff, I could do so much with those little chairs, hats, etc.
         b)the natural beauty of the flora, the handcrafted objects, the rustic charm… I can hardly wait to create a tablescape with it all!
         c) Seven? I only have the one candy bar, I’ll have to be sneaky.
         d)Great, seven men to load up all the treasures I find here!

5)You’ve been asleep for a hundred years until a handsome prince wakes you with a kiss. You blink, look into his eyes and say,
         a)Where’s my glue gun?
         b)I love shabby chic as much as the next person but this place needs a good coat of paint and some sconces!
         c)A hundred years! How do my roots look?
         d)What time is it? I have to get to the Flea Market before it opens or all the good stuff is gone!
Which One are You?

If you have more than one A you are:
Princess Fiona (from Shrek) The Cute but Crafty. You have more than one side to your complex personality. There is almost nothing you can’t repurpose and make adorable with your magic touch. You make the most of what life hands you and aren’t afraid to embrace the good, the bad and the ogre-ly!

If you have more than one B:
Princess Buttercup (The Princess Bride)or if your prefer
Princess Naked-As-A-Jaybrid (The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood) The Stylish
You are not impressed by how much things cost or what’s the next big thing. You do not let others dictate your style. You are the trendsetter who actually doesn’t care if anyone follows your trends or not because you know what you like and that’s what works for you and you work it, girl!

More than one C:
Maha-rincess of Franistan (I Love Lucy) – The Mighty Vita-Meata-Vegga-Diva . Quick thinking and a loyal friend, you are fearless and fun yet practical. Your style is on the pulse of the times (even if it’s a time long before you were born). Your dreams will take you places, and though you are always a star to those who love you – you won’t always get that part in the show.

More than One D:
Princess Leia, (Star Wars) Warrior Bargain-Huntress. Whether it’s preserving the past or finding the keepsakes of the future, nothing stands in your way when a bargain is in the balance. You are always up for an adventure and will dive into a garbage pit or do business with (somewhat) unsavory characters if it means getting the deal. And your hair will look… um, memorable, while you do it!

Wait! You mean you didn’t find yourself in this passel of princesses? Could it be you found yourself picking more than one answer? Or making up your own answers all together? Then you, my dear are No Princess! You are the Queen of All She Surveys – and you make a point to survey it all!

Remember – it’s never too late to be the person who are in the best of your dreams. 

Grab a tiara, celebrate yourself!


  1. Brilliant quiz. Have a jolly good ROYAL weekend!

  2. You are too funny. Loved the quiz.

  3. Hello Helen:
    In a way, for us, this is all rathe déja vu, old hat, yesterday's news. We have never, for one instance, doubted our roles in life and, for when the moment comes, we are ready and fully prepared.

    Now, for the present, we regret that we have no time for the outdated, outmoded advice being given out, here in the form of your sparkling quiz, for we have a Revolution to prepare for.

    N.B. We note the change of title to your blog! Do you too have designs on power?

  4. ha ha ha ha great post i answered mostly B's ;-))) I am not a person who normally does quizs but this was fun ;-)) dee x

  5. Thanks y'all - it always cheers me to see your comments!

    Kim K - happy weekend to you too!
    Thanks Donnie.
    Jane and Lance - would like to think the American princess trend would survive the revolution (it must, it makes too much money here!!)

    dee - I can totally see you as the princess of style!

  6. How funny and cute! Loved reading it!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh have you got me rolling this morning. I absolutely adored this post. To, To cute.

    I think I am more a Queen of all she surveys. I love it. Thank you so much for allowing me to play along. Where on earth do you come up with these things sweet friend? I so enjoy my visits. You are SO delightful. Oh how I would love to sit down for a cup of tea with laughter from you.

    Have a glorious weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  8. Ha! Loved this. I'm D, Princess Leia bargain-hunter. Pretty accurate really. xxx

  9. here here....someone should have told Beatrice to put a pretty tiara on her head instead of the octopus she wore.... :)

    I wear many hats,...why shouldn't one be a crown! .... I love that! And must remember it for all times. And will tell my children and husband just as soon as I see them. :)

    happy Pink Saturday and thanks so much for the big smile.

  10. I failed your princess test - but my husband still thinks I'm his princess! lucky girl, me!

  11. What a fun post, you had me laughing the whole time! :) I guess I'm a combo A/C! Have a great weekend, Nan

  12. Y'all crack me up right back! Am loving blogging in this whole crafty, mom, sewing, vintage, cooking, junking, whatever world because everyone is so clever!

  13. Such a cute and befitting post for the Royal Weekend!

    Happy PS!

  14. Loved your post even though it is a belated visit. I am a D all the way except one. HA! This is fun.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  15. What fun! I loved it.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  16. Dear Helen Hartmann~
    No wonder you are a writer! you are amazing. I am a former princess turned queen because I said so.
    Do you ever make it to Colorado?


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