Friday, April 1, 2011

Tickled Pink

Dear Helen Hartman,

I hope you can settle an argument between me and my friend.  I say there isn't anything better than finding a marvelous vintage anything at an amazing bargain price.  She says blah, blah, blah, blah blah... Okay, I don't know what she says because once I've said what I think I lose interest in the whole conversation and am only writing you because you are so wise and vintage savvy, I know you will be on my side. 
Once you agree with me I can wave your answer in her face and make her shut up. Bonus: More time talking for me!
                             Love for you to say I'm right

Dear (self) Loved One,

You are wrong.  Though I confess, I like the way you think (at least I suspect I do, I stopped reading after your keen observation about Helen being wise and savvy)
Actually, Helen finds many things in life 'better' than finding spectacular vintage bargains. For example, finding spectacular vintage bargains... in PINK!

And based on that each day this week was 'better' than the one before!
Viola! (That’s Helenese for ‘Lookie what  goodies I found for cheap’)
Not really old and not large, but a great price and just the right size for a sock monkey of my acquaintance to sit back and judge the other, non hand-stitched/hosiery-based stuffed animals in comfort.
Soap Dish Or Over the Sink Art? Haven't decided yet.
Not really a before, as I'd already cleaned it up, added rubber tips to the legs and used car wax to make it gleam, probably intended for something kitcheny this heavier than it looks piece.... 

became the perfect pink night stand for moi.

And the best pinky goodness of all this week 
- a great-niece born on March 31 - Emma Mabel, 6lbs 6 ozs
Welcome to the world little loved one, we adore you already.

Participating in Pink Saturday with How Sweet The Sound


  1. Oh my gosh ~ what lovely treasures especially the chair and night stand ~ LOVE THEM~! ;-)

  2. Hiya, just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, they are amongst my favourites. I don't always comment back as I follow so many blogs now and it's hard to keep commenting on everyones all the time, but want to let you know that your time and thoughts are very much appreciated. If you'd like to consider, I'll put you on my blogroll if you'll reciprocate. Regards, Kitty

  3. Welcome Emma Mabel! Glad everyone is ok.

  4. Look at those unusual pinks you found! I love that end table!

  5. Thanks y'all... pink is my fav so prep for pink saturdays is like, okay, open my eyes and pick something :)

    Kitty - absolutely I'll put you on my blog roll - yours is one of my favorite places to visit!

  6. Wow, lovely pinks!! Congratulations on the birth of your great-niece!!

  7. I'm in love with the pink end table!!!

  8. I am tickled pink about that great-niece!! And only the BEST thing to happen this week. But I have to say I am really liking that kitchen heavy pink thing turned into your bedroom nite stand. Never seen one of those but it's super duper. xo Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. Mercy! They are all vintage wonderful.
    Happy April PS ~
    TTFN ~


  10. Thanks - and that night stand, never seen anything like it either, it's REALLY heavy, I guess so it won't tip over. Love it and got it for a song (the song was Here's some money give me that table!).

  11. I love all this pink stuff. How cute is that fish? You just reminded me of some pink things around here I need to photograph and show on a Saturday soon.

  12. I am your newest follower.....I love your blog and your style and sense of humor......Thanks for sharing so many wonderful pink objects....loving the pink baby scales. I own a scale almost like yours, but mine is white.....I feel a trip to HL coming on Monday to buy pink spray paint. I am a grandmother but a doll artist, too, and I weigh my new dolls on the scales as I register them on my website.

  13. Happy Pink Saturday...Ladies....another week-end traveling the pink highway....God Bless you and remember to hug someone...only if they want it!

  14. Love all your pink goodness! Esp. the new baby congrats!! My first grandbaby is due in Oct can't wait! A very creative side table for your bed. That really gives you a lot of room... smart idea!

    I hope you are enjoying your pink weekend!

  15. Love the pink night stand! So cute!


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