Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vacation... la, dee-dah-dee-dah (sorry, Go Gos - I don't know the words!)

Dear Helen Hartman,
    Who came up with the term ‘family vacation’? The kids are off from school. The hubby is off from work. Mommie (me) may be off from her day job but that only leaves her more time to do her other work, planning, feeding, kid keeping, driving and at day’s end a hubby expecting an extra exciting game of hotel… um, hokey pokey (if you know what I mean).
   Help! I’d love to have a vacation from my family vacation      
Dear Loved One,

  As soon as you get home take your own vacation – Helen Style. Lucky for you Helen is on vacation this week and can teach by example.

 First: The Official Uniform of a MOD Vacation:


Rip the hands off… Whoa… back away from Hokey Pokey Hubby, Missy and let me finish… rip the hands off the clock (or in this case, just buy one because it’s pretty and needs fixin’ and Don’t you DARE fix it (the clock… fix hubby? That’s between the two of you) and ignore the schedule for a few days.

If he wants to get up to some monkey business suggest another game… he can dress up like a cowboy and then get his little red wagon in gear and pick up all those socks and undies he’s left lying around. Ahhh that's the way to a woman's heart! (this little wagon is a new junky find – too cute, huh?)

Do something nice for yourself and come back with a little sun on your face and hair, even if you have to paint it on there yourself. (pins again – I love vintage pins!)

Go junking, thrifting, antiquing or whatever you call it (these are a few of Helen’s finds on her vacay so far – sure they’ll pop up in detail later)

Curl up with a good book (Yes, I wrote this one and it’s out this week but no pushing to sell it. It’s not Helenesque but a sweet romance with Christian world view, fyi so if you see it you can say – hey I know who wrote this!)

 Enjoy yourself and watch out for bed bugs... but if you find them, I hope they are the Hellen approved kind - vintage fun that's all bling and no bite!

No Matter how you find time to do it, find time for yourself - indulge your inner Helen and be kind to yourself. 
You  deserve it! 


  1. You always have such fun in your posts. That's cool you wrote a book too. I'll have to brag on you to everyone.

  2. LOL. Now, thats what I am taking about....a real vacation!

  3. Wow so pretty reds and pinks...happy Rednesday.. mine is up too.

  4. I like the way you think! Lezlee

  5. I need one of those Mommy on Vacation shirts!! Congrats on the book! Where will it be selling? Great post!
    Take care,

  6. ha ha ha ha great post hokey pokey haven't heard that for a long long time ;-)) Bless you i love your style of writing i do hope you managed some me me time as i call it ;-) And you wrote a book wow is this your first one? or have you written before? i think you should plug away its your blog good luck with it. dee x

  7. Hello:
    At the risk of sounding heartless, possibly, in our view, never to have the 'kids' in the first place. Then everyday life becomes an MOD or, for that matter, DOD, day, week, month, year...

    We shall certainly look out for THE BOOK and are hugely impressed!

  8. Fun - well right up to the bug part.

  9. Donnie - thanks - actually I've written 36 published novels since 1997. Sigh, just a midlist nobody, but it's been a great fun.

  10. Thanks Diann, Gen and Lezlee - loved being able to check out your blogs too!

  11. April - the pjs are a WalMart bargain - saw them and HAD to have them for vacation. The books are all over, grocery, drug stores, WalMart, Target, B&N etc - just a little series romance.

    dee - I've written many books, the whole subject bores me (not the books, talking about writing, that's why this blog is so fun, no editors, no writer talk).Thanks for asking.

  12. Jane and Lance - clever planning to skip right ahead to the empty nest!

    Susanne - I KNOW. That little bug pin, I kept putting it back. It's really smaller than a shirt button - who would have worn that thing? But in the end, that's why I HAD to buy it, it's just too weird.

  13. I rather like that ladybug pin! Reminds me of something I had when I was in third grade long long time ago... Clever, clever sense of humor, BTW. I like a man in uniform, whether it's spurs and tight Wranglers or anything else! Thanks for stopping by, Helen! So fun to meet ya.
    ~ Sue

  14. I could go for a vacation but since I never seem to find time glad I stopped by read your post and now I have a smile on my face come see me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  15. Oh, wow, my Mom reads all of the Love Inspired books. I'll have to find this one and tell her I know the author!!!

  16. I just recently became a follower, so I had no idea that you are an author! Congrats, and it looks like a good book. Love the cat clock! I've always wanted one, and I wouldn't care whether it worked or not either!
    Happy REDnesday,

  17. Thanks Carol and Sherry - I actually like the cat clock better now that it's broken - it was noisy when it worked!

  18. Cute post and enjoy your vacation! Thanks for joining WUW.

  19. Hahaha - just found your blog and its so fabulous - this post is so funny! Now going to check out the rest :o) Scarlett x

  20. Kim - I LOVED WUW - found so many new blogs!
    Scarlett - your blog is such fun!


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