Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When it Rains... It's time to POUR

Dear Helen Hartman,
I cannot take another rainy, blustery day.  Am so ready to drink in the sun.
             Would love some way to cope with the rainy day blues

Dear Loved One
         Like you Helen would love to drink in the sun. Or in the shade. Or in the basement, as she mops up the water from all the rain coming in over the surrendering threshold. Oh for the days of places like Parkway Liquor, who promised prompt free delivery!  

 Or when one’s kitchen had a
handy little pitcher for cocktails for two.
I can just imagine what the young man is saying: Gee Mary Ann, working at home would sure be a lot easier if you weren't so clingy... or didn't hog all the cocktails for yourself. Ahh, the 60s...

The truth is Helen doesn’t really drink anymore than the next fellow (as long as the next fellow is one of those guys from Mad Men ) but it’s hard not to embrace the culture of a more swingin’, swillin’ time without reference to it. But as evidence that Helen is not a total lush, and to celebrate that we have had a full 4 hours today of only mildly threatening weather, let me share some of my non alcohol related pitchers with you, in hopes these are all that will be pouring today.

Ruby Red Glassware – the first real antique/collectible that I ever collected. Started in college and have amassed a LOT – even some duplicates. 

 Sentimental favs: Blue Danube (my mother’s dishes), a vinegar pourer (what’s the name for those?) a crystal pitcher my grandfather used to take down to the local pub and get filled with beer to bring home (pre Parkway days, I reckon) and a not vintage trailer sans lid that used to have a car sugar dish but my kids played with them and the lid got lost and the car did a Thelma and Louise a long time ago, so you see why I have to keep it.

The big pig is not old either but much loved and the Scotties… how can you not love Scotties?

What a collection of odds and ends – which is exactly what people call it when they see me and my girlfriends walking away from them!

Thanks for stopping in – am planning something really fun for Friday finds if I can pull it off – so come back  then and see (if it works, you won’t be sorry, if it doesn’t it will feel good to say – oh, that Helen, she’s all talk and not walk or maybe the modern version should be all blog and no jog!) Have a great week!

Participating in Rednesday!


  1. I really love to see all the vintage things. I don't really collect much anymore and I guess someone has to donate all the cool stuff for you all to find..lol..

  2. Today is one of those days when I'd like cocktails mixed in every single one of those pitchers...LOL

  3. ;-)) I do love to read your post's its just the way you write them like a agony aunt i love your style and it just makes me smile from the start of your post right to the end ;-)) Love those little jugs at the end. I think we all would love a cocktail ;-)) dee x

  4. Yep - it's been a day I'd like to end with a frosty Margarita and some chips and queso. Thanks for the kind words, y'all!

  5. Oh my goodness, I just found your blog. Love your sense of humor and style of writing.

    Hope you'll stop by my blog and say hi!

  6. Thank you for swinging by my blog from Rednesday. I'm following your blog now too. Your vintage goodies are divine. We'd have fun shopping together. I'll have to check out your romance novel...especially with its international adoption theme. We love our little Asian sweetie.

    Happy Rednesday!

  7. Tell that lady she should be happy to have rain. Send it to Texas as we are in a drought.

  8. You and I collect the same way..lol. I LOVE what you picked up..just beautiful

  9. You have a nice collection of ruby glass...the oinker is adorable!

  10. Kim K - thanks for hosting Rednesday - hope to play again as red is a vintage fav for me (despite a recent pink kick)
    LV - we're just spoiled here in KY! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  11. Marigene - not sure why but keep ending up with piggies on display around the house. They are too cute. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Love your adorable blog! I'm a vintage vulture myself - I've been seen stroking "pretties" at the weekend market, and whispering, "my precioussss..." :)

  13. Charlotte - I soooo understand. Followed your blog btw, and fingers crossed for your book. Am an author in my other life and hear so many agents seeking steampunk (not so many seeking snarky vintage women's fiction but that's what I have circulating right now).


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