Friday, May 6, 2011

The Call to... Perfection

Dear Helen Hartman,
       I am attending the Kentucky Derby for the first time and after seeing the array of hats at the royal wedding, I am afraid to make a hat choice that might be too tame to be considered fashionable. I want to win, place and show when they sound the call to post.
         Love some suggestions from you!

Dear Loved One,
    My suggestion is to embrace Helen’s rule for those who want to follow every fashion trend:
Quote by Annie Jones, sentiment by Helen @

These were the only vintage cocktail shakers in my collection with horses on them – and the liquid is colored water. What’s usually in Helen’s cocktail shaker is Sweet Tea or Cherry Coke, which tells you plenty about her (she can’t leave good enough alone!)
My own Derby Hat – tres Audrey Heburn, n’est ce pas? ...
 Needed a bit of bling and a touch of pink so...

A vintage pin found in a 'button box' bought at an estate sale (BINGO!) and a feather pick in pink are my additions to my $15 fab black, white and sparkle over-the-top topper. 
I began to say that Miss Hepburn would never buy a gently worn hat from a flea mall and add things she had around the house...but am rethinking that. Hepburn was a style icon and ambassador of love and kindness to the world, she did not hide behind fashion, everything she wore said something about her. It came from her and became a part of who she was. The lesson in that is that what you wear outside should reflect who you are inside.That is the essence of true style.

And while many people go to Derby to people watch (locals actually don’t go to the Derby, they attend The Oaks, the day before, fyi) the real eyes will be on...
I love it, of course, but can't help wondering who originally thought this sweet filly was tasteful home decor?

the thoroughbreds, so as long as you don’t do something to make yourself look like the wrong end of one of those… go ahead… Derby Day or Every Day...

           Do you have a favorite hat? 
Would love to hear about it
If Aunt Bea and Clara went to the Derby, this is what they'd wear, and do not think for one moment they wouldn't place a $2 bet AND have a mint Julep! (Don't tell Andy and Barney, we don't want them thrown in the clinker with Otis!)

 Wear your Heart on Your Hat!
Perfect for participating in Pink Saturday at How Sweet The Sound


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Happy Derby Day and Happy Mother's Day.

    We will be wearing our hats tomorrow afternoon. I can hardly wait. I tense up during the running.

  2. Gotta love all of the pageantry! Happy Mother's Day Weekend:@)

  3. Hello Helen:
    What very sound advice you give here. With Royal Ascot looming, the dilemma over what kind of hat to wear is solved. To an old school 1950s panama, surely considered vintage nowadays, can be added a few extras from the dressing up box and no-one will be any the wiser.

    Miss Hepburn was, after all, in a class of her own and it would appear vulgar, we think, to attempt to outdo her.

  4. Fabulous hat, adore the pink feather you added. Have a super time!!! Happy Mothers Day.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Beverly! I can't watch ever since Eight Belles. Just too afraid of something happening.

    Thanks y'all and Jane and Lance - you are so right about Miss Hepburn, a singularly special soul.

  6. What fun to get to wear a great old hat!Hope you have a great time and that your horse wins!
    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mothers Day and Happy Derby Day....I love Kentucky!

  7. Lucky you to go to the derby. I love what you did to your hat and I love your post about wear what shows people your heart. I hope your horse wins.
    Happy Mother's Day.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. I love your hat, Helen! I think it's you! I hope you have an outrageously wonderful time tomorrow!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. What a variety of neat things. You always keep us interested in the things you share. I am not a hat person.

  10. Happy pink Saturday ... watched the Oaks today while sipping my Mint Julep ...sans hat please don't tell !
    Love your shakers and your hat and you are spot on about Ms Hepburn.

  11. Love the hats! I think it would be fun to wear hats for special occassions! I am your newest follower so I will be back to visit!

    Happy PS,

  12. I have been visiting about your blog and have SO enjoyed myself!
    I'll tell you about one of my "Favorite" mother's day gifts. It was a record -melted and then molded into the shape of a, well, he said it was a candy dish. Yeah. Yea for cub scouts.

  13. Thanks y'all - deep in my heart I WANT to be a hat person but fear it takes a special occasion to pull it off.

    Lynn - still have some of those home made gifts myself, they are the best!

  14. I love hats, but the ones I have were my grandmothers and only for decorative purposes! I love to see them on people though!

  15. Happy Pink Saturday, Happy Derby Day and Happy Mother's Day Sweetie...
    Oh my what a wonderful share this evening. I SO enjoyed seeing your hat of choice. I love the little pop of pink that you added and the BLING is the best. I love it. You win my vote hands down.

    Yes I am a hat kind of gal. I love them.

    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  16. My grandmother was a hat lover, and it rubbed off on me. I rarely wear them, but I adore looking at them.

  17. Great post i adore that last little blue hat how sweet and delicate. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  18. Ann - my mom had a green velvet hat she wore to my sister's wedding - how I'd LOVE to have that family treasure. So cool you have your grandmother's hats.

    Sherry - of course you love hats - they suit you inside and out!

  19. Dana -happy weekend to you, too!

    Dee - it was alll I could do NOT to buy that blue hat. It was a little bit bonnet-y a little bit 50's high style - citified vintage Amish? Now I feel it pulling me ba-a-a-a-ck. Have a good weekend!

  20. I love your hat, it's just fabulous! Personally I always found Audrey's style a tad too reserved for my tastes so your is beoynd gorgeous. Have fun. xxx

  21. Vix - you are the embodiment of expressing personal style! I wish I had your flare. Thanks.

  22. I hope your hat and horse win!

    Happy Mother's Day too.

  23. Sigh. Didn't pick a winner. I went with Santiva... because I Liked the NAME! Ah well, a pleasant day anyway.


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