Sunday, May 15, 2011


Dear Helen Hartman,
I have recently become a stay at home mom and am worried about a lack of adult interaction.
        IOW I LOVE to get the daily dish, please tell me how to do that now!

Dear Loved One,
Helen is impressed that you felt you had adult interaction at work! As for getting the daily dish? You could do as Helen does… shop vintage! My latest fresh (I mean FRESH, I got these today when killing time waiting to pick up my daughter!) finds in the dish department:

The copper container has a glass dish inside and, yes, that’s a Bakelite Heart shaped handle – for $4! And the cookbook?
Better Homes and Gardens… Special Occasions… 1959… send the kids outside with a skateboard and some lawn darts and settle in reap some inspiration!

Yea! We love it when Gramps babysits, once he gets hopped up on the HI-C we can wave goodbye to him and his creepy pal and try jumping off the roof with these balloons to help us float down!
   Within these pages lies your answers to getting adult companionship –  have a party!
There. All set. Let's see that trashy Theresa from down the street sneak THESE candlesticks into her purse without sending that cheap wig of hers in a blaze of dynel and Aqua-net glory!
  It doesn't have to be fancy, maybe just a luncheon or a pot luck (read up on that first, it may not be what some of you think it is. The only thing smoked is cheese and oysters!).
"I sure hope Madge didn't bring that Velveeta covered Pork and Pickle Mold she tried to poison us with at the last party!"
"She did!"
"Not to worry, party animals, I brought a whole cooler of brewskys to wash it down with!" 

Or a casual buffet to promote the flow of lively conversation:   
"Look at her in that backless cocktail dress while the rest of us are in our casual day wear! Here go take this greasy meatball over there and drop it down her phony cleavage!"

Or coffee with a few close friends.
 "You know that expression, to kill him with kindness? Well, I've found that a well placed steak knife is a lot more effective."

Some of the best advice I ever heard is that if you want people to come runnin’, put good food on the table. While that is true in a very real way, it’s also a metaphor. Meaning if you want to draw people to you, serve them something to nourish the soul, feed the mind, fill the heart and delight the senses.
You can dish it up, Loved One, and you will get it back, in the best of ways!

 This book includes recipes for every situation (except Madge's Pork Pickle Mold) but it does include something I am determined to  try- the 'frosted' sandwich loaf!


Now Here’s some good dish from Helen:
Come around on Friday June 3 as Helen celebrates a welcome to summer in vintage style starting with:
My Big Ol’ The Beach is Back Open House.
My first link party!  More details, but rest assured, no one need memorize the inimitable Amy V’s Book of Etiquette to join.

Until then joining Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl 
And Anything Goes at Type A 
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  1. What wonderful memories - my mother had this book when I was a little one. Hope you have a fabulous week!

  2. Hello Helen:
    Friday, June 3rd. - we cannot wait. The anticipation is almost too much, particularly if we are all to be treated to the delights of the 'frosted' sandwich loaf.

    As for interaction with adults - well, depends who, or so we think!

  3. That food sounds awful, that's one reason why I'm glad I was born when I was! Thanks for sharing these clips and look forward to 3rd June. xxx

  4. That book looks like it's great for a chuckle! I'll check back for details on the Open House:@)

  5. Sally - tell me she made the frosted loaf! I am obsessed with the concept.

    Jane and Lance, I see my obsession is contagious!

  6. Vix, I never really did the cookbook thing but in collecting them lately it boggles my mind how odd the recipes from the mid 50s to mid 60s are and how unappealing the photos in so many of them!

  7. Love old cook books! Very much looking forward to your blog party - i'll bring the cheese and pinapple hedgehog (or half a grapfruit covered in foil for us normal people) and you'll have to promise to do the frosted loaf! mwahaha! Scar;et bx

  8. June 3rd can't come fast enough!!

  9. Well, the only "adults" I interact with most days have fur and four legs lol...

    I envy you ladies who have finished kitchens and time to cook! I hope to be whipping up some cupcakes one day soon!

  10. I've got a copy of that Holiday cookbook too. Try out the Old Fashion Fudge recipe in the Christmas section - it's *amazing*

  11. Cheese and pineapple hedgehog?I now want to open a vintage resale shop called the Pineapple Hedgehog!

    Cook? We're supposed to cook in our kitchens?I thought they were the place to stash our take out containers and to decorate with vintage finds. I'm not sure you have that right. More investigation needed.

    Flo- thanks for the tip on the fudge!

  12. You had me at lawn My gosh, what a beautiful, kitchy blog. Love it! Following back, thanks!

  13. I'm laughing because I just bought that very Better Homes and Gardens cookbook TODAY! Then I come home and read your post. Too funny.

  14. Wait! We just might have that pork & pickle mold our Oyster cookbook...ohhhhh yea!! Start the beach party up...we know what we're bringin'! hee hee hee! LOVE it!

  15. Michelle - how does that happen? It seems like something shows up in flea markets, etc and suddenly it's everywhere!

    LOL - though what would be more iffy than a pork mold on a hot summer day?

  16. Great post again those books are a scream ;-)) Enjoy making the frosting ;-)) dee x

  17. What an awesome book! Love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Rubbing some super deal magic your way!

  18. Well, I am not sure how to find the load of bread to frost! But the quest goes on.

    Super deal magic - I like that!

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you loved the pictures and chest.

    I think your blog is awesome! And I understand how you feel. I'm a full-time mom as well and just moved to a new area. I barely have any interaction with people my age, but it does give me a lot of time to work on my furniture projects! But I fear that I'm even more socially awkward than I was before. When I respond to someone's question I seem to trail off and start mumbling. People end up just smiling and slowing backing away.

    Anyways, I'm following you now! Hope you follow me too!


  20. You are so funny!! Love your blog!!

  21. Thanks Emily, I love your blog! (I thought I followed but sometimes I lose track of clicks)

    Judy HARTMAN - what a lovely last name.

  22. Such good advice! Socializing with food is a must! And I can't wait to try the frosted loaf (I actually have a vintage cookbook with this same recipe and I think I really am going to have to make it...just because!)

  23. You must try it Diann, I'm waiting for someone else to go first!


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