Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th...OoooooEEeeeeOOoooo

Dear Helen Hartman
It’s Friday the 13th. I want to crawl back in bed with a tub of ice cream and spend the day in hiding watching reruns of I LOVE LUCY. Can you be a modern, happy housewife and still be superstitious?

Dear Loves Lucy One,
Helen is confused. How is crawling in bed with ice cream and Lucy inconsistent with being a happy housewife? It sounds like the perfect combo to me! Superstitions are just common sense and cleverness couched in seemingly simple behavior. For example, the clinking of glasses in a toast is said to be a way of scaring off evil spirits listening in and wanting to spoil your good fortune because it imitates the sound of church bells.   

Helen thinks it just a classy way of saying to everyone around you – “Yes, I AM having more fun than you. AND I have liquor!”

Let’s explore a few other superstitions (these are ones I was actually raised to observe and what I was taught they mean, there may be other beliefs about them… but those would be wrong.) that may make you less worried about the 13th.

Spill salt? Throw salt over your shoulder… and into the devil’s eye. (Actually a lazy way to clean up a spill without having to get out cleaning paraphernalia)

If you do perform household drudgery on January 1, you will spend the whole year cleaning up.
(Limiting that to one day seems short sighted, why take the chance? Also, a terrific excuse to nurse a hangover and not have to clean up after a party)

Dropping an egg on the kitchen floor means bad luck.  (esp if you are a kid and your mom see the mess) Maybe men made this up as a reason not to be turned loose in the kitchen – they are hopeless there, of course!
Got that? Good knives have handles!

A gift of knives cuts the bonds of affection (especially if given by a husband as a gift to a wife on a romantic occasion). 

Drop a fork at the dinner table, company is coming to call. (Drop your plate, Mama is coming across the table to deal with you and it won't be pretty)

Of course some folks are simply not superstitious

Some like prey on the superstitious

I wonder if you use these two together if they cancel each other out?

Like most things, it’s not what people tell you it means, it’s what YOU make it mean and how you use it to enrich your life (no, I am NOT talking about scaring people into buying products to ward off bad luck!).   
Friday the 13th superstition? Just a good excuse to NOT to things you don’t want to do and/or give yourself a long weekend! Make the most of this – and every day.  
(I say on this day when Blogger has been ker-flooey - hmmmmmmm)


  1. Hooray! So happy blogger is up and at em again! Thank you for helping me plan the rest of my day! Bed,ice cream, and reruns?? That sounds about right!

  2. LOL Jori - It's been so traumatic not to read blogs this morning!

  3. That pesky friday 13th!! I so need some of those super dooper knives WITH handles! Mwah Scarlett x

  4. That Friday the 13th was too much for blogger! It ate our posts from the last two days! Boo! =)

  5. Very good advice, Ms. Helen Hartman! The day is what you make it. So glad that Blogger is no longer "ker-flooey"!

  6. Dear Helen Hartman~
    You are so funny! You must be a hoot in person.
    Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks for the laughter.

  7. Thanks y'all - getting ready for Pink Saturday and crossing fingers that blogger will play well with others.


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