Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Ida Maxine Barrett Shorter

This is an excerpt piece that first appeared in my book The Prayer Tree shortly after my mother passed away - it has been reprinted in the anthology The Story Jar and is copyrighted material - sorry it's a bit uneven as it's scanned in and presented here today to honor my mom and as a favor to my sister, Susan - don't say I never did nothin' for you.

High Stylin' with Aunt Bette

Mom and Me, Me and Mom


  1. Hello Helen:
    We are most moved by this account of your mother's life. She was very clearly an exceptional woman and one whose love for life, family and friends lives on even after her death.

    We very much appreciate your generosity in sharing something as personal as this with us. We both wish you a peaceful and happy day tomorrow.

  2. Jane and Lance - thank you and may your weekend be the same.

  3. What a lovely and extremely moving tribute to your Mum...she sounds like an amazing woman and I know I will be thinking about what you have written for some time to come.
    Take care x

  4. I am sorry your Mom is gone. Your tribute to her sure tugged at my heart strings. My Mom is 87 and I give thanks every day that she is still here for me. I hope your Mother's Day is filled with lots of joy.

  5. My Mom passed on with nothing unresolved between us. Though I miss her all the time, it's not so sad. It makes me smile to know you cherish your mom so much. Happy Mom's Day!

  6. What a truly wonderful tribute to your mother, a beautiful and heroic lady. xxx

  7. Ahhh Helen, what a truly beautiful post i had a tear in my eye i could relate to her in many ways. What a wonderful women she was and what a wonderful daughter you are to write such a beautiful and moving tribute to your dear mum.Hugs, dee x


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