Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bon-Bon Voyage

Dear Helen Hartman
          In just a few days I am about to leave something very familiar and launch into the unknown. I hope. Or maybe I will founder and sink. I don’t know for sure.
          Would love some encouraging advice about taking the road less traveled.

Dear Loved-and-Leaving One,
        Helen is torn between two responses: “What an exciting time! Scary, yes, but also wrought with possibilities.”  And “What? In THIS economy/time of life/phase of the moon? Are you out of your ever lovin’ mind?”.
        Since Helen can't decide how about: What an exciting time to be out of one’s ever lovin’ mind! Works for ME!
    Helen is getting new floors in her kitchen and great room (which between us isn’t all that great) so life is out of whack, correction, more out of whack this week. Still, there must be something somewhere that will help… ahhh, a nifty Estate Sale find from last week:
Ever heard of this magazine? I hadn’t but now I own 8 perfect copies from 1941 - '61 filled with amazing info on travel holidays!  This one is from July 1949.
So here we go:
Helen Hartman's Rules For Starting on a New Adventure Based on a Random Magazine She Bought for A Dollar 

1) Don't go into it with your eyes closed!
  "That's right, dear, just put your finger riiiiiight there."
                                            And if possible, manipulate others into going along with your wishes by making them think it was their idea all along!

2)Find people who can help and will tell you the truth. 
"Y'all see them itty bitty weird colored cows out there too, don't you? I can't be sure, I'm riding high... and by the way, hi yourself, handsome."

3) Be Prepared for the unexpected.

"I don't care how safe they say flying is, Doris, if this tin can goes down I am hopping on this bike and peddling like hell."

4) Don't be in Such and All Fired Hurry - Take Your Time to Get it Right
"Okay, Sarge, I can see my house from here. Just point me that-a-way and fire!
 5) Don't Haul A long All Your Old Baggage
The ad actually says: "It's portable!" Unlike that other luggage that's nailed to the floor.
 5) Know What Makes You Happy and Don't Care What Others Think
              "Oh, look Honey, now you can drown this meal in ketchup just like you do at home."                                    
"I won't have to, YOU didn't cook this meal!"

                  "Hahahaha. Hope you think that's still clever when you sleep on the couch tonight." 

6) Have Fun, Keep Hydrated and Let Others Do the Work for You!
Is it just me or does Mr. Orient Vacation look like he'd rather be traveling with the waiter?

Remember - a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – but that doesn't mean you shouldn't step out in style!
What do you think? The perfect hat for cousin Pat?
And take chocolate! (Did I say chocolate? I meant whatever gives you that little pick me up that keeps you going through the tough times)
"Ah, Gin filled thermos - You make every day a holiday!"


  1. Great rules i agree with all of them ;-) Remember the story about the hair and the tortoise slow and steady wins the race ;-)) dee x

  2. A gin filled Thermos and that taxi trunk sound like my ideal travel companions. x

  3. Oh my these magazines look awesome! Im now off to fill my thermos with some "water" ;o) Scarlett x

  4. I'm loving the idea of a gin filled thermos too. We have a vacation starting this coming Saturday at a rental cottage. Thanks for reminding me to add that to the list. Cheers!

    PS. Best wishes with the home remodeling. Great pics. What a score with that magazine series!

  5. Thanks y'all. Had no idea how much of my life would be taken over by a simple home improvement! I do wish I'd made a thermos of something to make it go more smoothly.

  6. No I have never seen that magazine! great find!

  7. Oh my dear, let's talk about hoome improvements taking over your life... My whole house is one of them! Ha ha.

    Love the mags, I'm keeping my eye out for a few 1950's mags for My living room. :)

  8. Tell what year and I'll look too - for some odd reason have had such luck lately getting really pristine examples. Your house project is so cool, though, mine is just getting rid of nasty carpet!

  9. I would SO love to be getting a new floor in our kitchen. It's so awful, I can't take any pictures in there any lower than my ankles!
    I've never seen those magazines before, but they sure are packed with great vintage ads. I'll be looking for some at the flea market!

  10. I agree about the chocolate. I'll forego the vacation and just take bonbons.

  11. I did some research - thought the magazines were maybe for travel agent offices as the ads are all about travel and each copy pretty much focuses on one spot with lots of photos and some articles. But Wikipedia says it was done by the American Automobile Association. Some covers can be seen here:

  12. I so agree about the chocolate. Lovely post.
    Have a fantastic first day of summer!
    XXX Ido

  13. Very good tips. And of course, chocolate. Wouldn't be an adventure without it.

    Funny, my parents used to use the phrase "high, wide and handsome'. I smile just thinking about my mom saying it. :) I'll have to ask my dad if he remembers where he first heard it.

    Have a good week!

  14. LOL Karen - Had NEVER heard that phrase before!


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