Friday, June 3, 2011

Helen Hartman, Secret Agent

Pssst Helen Hartman,
What ever happened to the mid century modern house of the elegant hoarder? Love to have seen it!

Shhhh. Keep your voice down...
        Cue the Theme to the Pink Panther. 
Helen found her assignment in today's paper. Another round of estate sales here in Louisville, Ky and not one, but TWO more elegant hoarders in same area as the house where I wasn't allowed to take photos. More on the fab finds another day but today, PINK SATURDAY (join the party at How Sweet the Sound), Helen has a confession:
No, no...nothing as hum drum as all that!
  The real sordid truth is...
Helen has become a spy  
                                     -- and it’s all your fault!
        After not being able to photograph the first house, they had a clearing out of whatever was left so I went back. 
It wasn't nearly as crowded so... as soon as I was alone with the pink washing machine, I whipped out my phone. Hmm, that call looks important, better check my messages, just let me… CLICK!
 That went so well I tried a few more:

Classic mid-mod fireplace, blond brick, lines. And the light fixtures! This was just the ONE I could get, most rooms had a totally arty hanging lamp or wall sconce). The estate sale ladies were getting wise, I thought, so gathered my goodies (they will make you drool so it's not fair to show them until you have a chance to get a bib) and headed to the next sale.

VERY busy and a no camera policy as well. Happily my phone kept ringing. Those messages couldn't wait especially when I walked into the kitchen and saw this:
A pink stove! It was for sale - couldn't afford it and had nowhere to put it, neither of which usually stops me but one thing does - no way to HIDE it. So a photo has to do.
This house was not the mid century gem the other one was but did have this treasure of a built in in the PINK bathroom:

My only regret was that I couldn't use my camera openly and get tons of photos but rest assured if I come across any more houses like these I know just what to do. Agent Double H-vintage is on the job!
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  1. We do the best we can, Dear Helen. You are such a resourceful spy and hit the major pink high points against all odds. Love that pink bathroom - and doing laundry in a pink washer must make it a joy of a chore. The pink stove - useless for me, however. Thanks for the mid century tour and have a fabulous Pink Saturday! xo Nancy

  2. How fun and sneaky! I can't believe those light fixtures didn't sell and lovin' the fireplace wall:@)

  3. The light fixtures are part of the house.EVERY inch of that place is mid mod and the agent showing it is using photos that hide that... what a missed opportunity. I would buy it in a heartbeat if we could sell our house.

  4. love love LOVE that light fitting! Stunning! Want it! Wish you could have got pics of the others but well done on getting the pics you did. I congratulate you on your deviousness.

  5. I don't know which I like better...the pictures of the house or the spy picture. :)

  6. Hello Helen [or is that 007?]:
    Such a find! These places, time warped in the 1950s, are as you say becoming exceedingly rare to find. Who would ever have imagined that formica and chrome could have such lasting appeal and value?

    Here in Hungary we have actually watched films, originally shown at 'spy school', on how to conceal cameras! We can pass on a few tips for when you turn professional!

  7. I can't wait to see what you came home with. Thank you for risking it and nearly blowing your cover to sneak some pics. Well done. Well done.

  8. oh what fun ! I can see a no camera policy in shops and at shows but in an open house? I don't understand it but I'm sure there are reasons.
    thanks for giving us a peek !

  9. Oh, I just love your blog! I love vintage things, too! I'm visiting from Karen Lange's blog. I'm sure I'll stop by whenever I can!

  10. Oh my that pink washing machine is a beauty!
    But the thing that took my breath away was that lovely light fixture!!! GORGEOUS!
    I AM GLAD YOU received so many messages while looking through the houses. lol

  11. Happy Pink Saturday!

    What an interesting pink post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  12. What a great pink post...and so sneaky! Good job! Thanks for making me smile...and giggle a bit! Happy Pink Saturday!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  13. cute are you? So creative...and oh my goodness that pink washing machine? Unbelievable.
    Thank you for that entertaining post...loved it. I have to become a new follower too.
    Happy Pink Saturday Agent Double H Vintage!
    xo Tami

  14. Francie - these are estate sales run by companies who didn't feel they had to right to approve of photos, since it's not their home. I can see that. Next time I won't ask, maybe?

  15. Thanks Becki!

    I really wish I could have snuck that light fixture into my bag - it doesn't show but it was pretty big.
    Thanks Tami and Rebecca!

  16. Hilarious post! I'm so glad you snapped those pictures. Pink stove? My, my, that is way back. Love the light fixture, too. Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. Dear HH, I do so love you style!! I always get such a kick out of your posts...I am subscribed and when I see one in my inbox I cannot wait to open it! This one was a hoot! I love it...Pink washer and stove! Perfect...and you are so right, what luck that your phone rang so often and just when you needed it too...I also think that at certain times it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission...Pinkim fromTrulySimplyPink

  18. Pinkim - I will remember that bit of advice about asking forgiveness. Usually I ask people to stop yapping and start packing, but that is so much better. Y'all know my phone didn't really ring that much, right? I be-tended (as my daughter used to call it) to check the same message over and over.

  19. Well of course Double H I just din't want to blow your cover you know?...Pinkim...

  20. DearHelenHartman, I'm hooked on your blog! I love your "About Me" info and loved the Minnesota part. My hubby and daughter and I traveled in a 5th wheel for years and often went to Minnesota and made lots of friends there. Thanks for your comment on my puzzle post today. I like the green, too. It's all pretty. After all, what would a flower be without any green?

  21. Oh my, I can see why you were excited. I never saw a pink stove (that I recall) so I am glad you captured it for us. You are indeed a spy of the very best kind! :)


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