Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hostage of Home Improvement Day 3

Dear Loved Ones - Help!
They said 2 days, actually 1 day plus a couple hours the next day. Deep into Day 3 and while I can't see what the heck they are doing at this point, work continues and shows no sign of let up.

Here's where we began (these photos actually don't show how truly yucky these floors are)
Flat, nasty pet hair covered carpet
Peel and stick tiles!

Here's where we are as of 5 minutes ago!
It's through out the kitchen and great room

The flooring is hand scraped stranded bamboo - which is a fancy way of saying renewable resource, won't show scratches cheaper than fancier kinds of hardwood! We went dark because I wanted something to fit with vintage:
Dark wooden floors photo courtesy the Amy V series: How to Decorate with Color, 1964
Of course who knows a few years from now we may want all white shag carpet!
House Beautiful layout 1968 - had to share because they are so similar

Hours later update: The men are gone, I have to run out to get the right kind of floor cleaner, pads for the furniture and... I really would like some mid-mod end tables! The hidden cost of home improvement... it makes everything un-improved look so shabby... and not in a good way! Will be back to "normal" in a day or so... I hope.


  1. It looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see more. Perhaps that gin filled thermos might come in handy TONIGHT!!

  3. The floors look great, just be prepared to do a lot of Swiffering!!! I have dark floors, too. The cat likes to help me Swiffer!!!

  4. The new flooring is gorgeous! I know you'll be really happy with it.

  5. Oh, by the way, what kind of cleaner did they recommend? I use Orange Glo for hardwoods with microfiber pads, and I've been really happy with the non-streak results, but if there's something better, I'd love to know about it.

  6. Thanks Y'all - am learning it does show the pet hair but then that means I can GET it as opposed to never feeling like it was ever cleaned up! Went with chocolate ice cream instead of gin tonight!

  7. I just bought a new vacuum cleaner specifically designed for pet hair and a huge box of Swiffer refills. I'm good to go.

  8. Your flooring looks amazing! I wish mine were done in 3 days!! We are DIYing it and in month number two now with no end in sight. Having to tear out old wood flooring that is glued down. No fun so I will just sit and stare at your beautiful flooring a while longer!:) For cleaner I use the microfiber pad and either orange glo spray floor cleaner or Bona spray floor cleaner. They both rock! Enjoy the new flooring!

  9. Your new floor looks wonderful! and everything always takes twice as long as they say it will.

  10. Thanks again - one of the BEST things about them being done is that no one is messing with my wifi and I can get back to reading your blogs!!
    We were going to tear out our own floor but gave it up and had them do it - sooooo glad about that. Also, it's a floating floor - snap and fit so that's why it didn't take as long, An LOVING it - going out today to look for end tables or maybe paint to make my mission oak look a little mid mod!

  11. Yes, remodeling has a way of doing that. Hope you found what you were looking for.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Oh geee!!!! Looks fantastic!!!

    I can't wait to get my hardwood floors redone!!

  13. Thank you for commenting on my horse bowl serving "set" and I agree -- 3 exclamation points were in order! I think you're going to love your new floors -- we did two rooms last summer and have been very happy with them but, you're right, they require different care. Mine are scratched but, hey, I love the vintage, shabby look!!!


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