Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In a Time Crunch!

Dear Helen Hartman
          I can bring home the bacon but I am just too tired to fry it up in the pan, never mind not letting him forget  he’s  a man. I am woman. Hear me snore!
                         Love some advice for feeding the family when time is not on my side.

Dear Loved One,
        Helen is so with you on this one as she has a book due in a week and many chapters to go. Contemplated not answering any questions at all today but needed a break and was hungry so here's a try. Luckily, this was among my finds last weekend:
Let’s flip it open and see what we can…
Help me, I'm having a crapfest flashback to the 70s!
 Well, on the bright side, our vegetarian friends will… be as repulsed by this mess - melted cheese served on chips with chips on the side! - as meat eaters. They had the power of the entire Potato Chip Council behind this venture and THAT's what they gave us? Oh, and this:
Ooh, pretty colors. Maybe that will distract from the fact that every ‘recipe’ that actually involves chips is about as complex as this:
Helen is disturbed by the fact that this was made, but more so that someone SAVED it for over 40 years! Also, she's a bit peeved at herself to realize in trying to do the whole chips as a meal thing that she doesn't have a chip and dip set - vintage or otherwise. The shame.
So to recount, we know we can bring home the bacon:
I have a college degree AND a cute hat - the world is my oyster. If by world you mean secretarial pool and by oyster you mean what 'll be serving on potato chips later.
And we no longer need to fry it up in the pan because we've lost our appetite looking at those pictures and trying to get the imaginary taste of crushed chips in blueberry muffins out of our mouths.

As for never letting him forget he’s a man?
Maybe you could just ask him to get that spoon out of the disposal, that's manly, right?
Oh, darling, I love you almost as much as my silver pattern.
Or you could consider this advice from McCalls, 1967 (I couldn't make it up if I tried):
Oh, yeah, Miriam, you and Harve come on over after the evening news and we'll be all over each other like white on... you know, white. So, bring a hot dish.
None of that young lady!
 Oh, to heck with it – I'm out of time. Let’s just follow the suggestion of my favorite cooking Helen – Helen Corbitt who reminds us:
That’s been my experience, I can always cook better with a few beers in me!      
Back to the grind...


  1. *Ahhhh chips my guilty pleasure*
    Just seeing pics of them made me want to race to the store and buy some. lol

  2. How fancy can you get! What a dude.
    I'm quite fancying an oven orgy, it sounds very interesting indeed. xxx

  3. Hello Helen:
    Does you correspondent not have restaurants in her part of the world?

  4. Love me some chips... as chips. The red outfit with bell bottoms cracks me up. Fun pics:@)

  5. It did make me think of the days when we were kids that my parents bought potato chips in TUBS! They were greasy and salty and - YUM!

  6. Vix - that fancy ad was actually for a battery. but really, how could I NOT use it? Who wants fancy batteries anyway?

  7. LOL Lance and Jane - I am so with you on that. Let's eat out!

  8. Um, I fail to see what's so repulsive about cheese on chips with chips on the side. Sounds absolutely heavenly (said the fat girl known as me). I have a wonderful vintage cookbook entitled Cooking With Cheese--it's been sitting forlornly down at the antique mall booth and I think it's time it came home and actually got used. Thanks for motivating me!

  9. Every beer is a sandwich - make it count! And I think I'm going to strongly disagree with a recipe that suggests adding potato chips to blueberry muffins.

    Ew. :-)

  10. Very funny - I must add chips to my menu tomorrow evening. The kids are coming for dinner and it's sure to be a hit. :)

  11. Like that - every beer is a sandwich. It just makes sense.

    Can't wait to see the cheese recipes!

    Karen, I'd share a recipe but really, it's just - making hamburgers? Serve chips!

  12. I love the color saturated photos of food in vintage recipe books. Some of the stuff those gals came up with! I can't help but think..."Who would EAT that?"

  13. Pam - I am SO with you! And these were promo booklets, trying to convince people to make this and buy the product! The colors are always so surreal. Thanks for the comment.

  14. What a fun post this is! I (sometimes) put chips and cheese in my sandwich...:D

  15. Pssst I actually serve chips as an option with a chocolate fountain - they are delish with a chocolate drizzle on them.


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