Friday, June 17, 2011

Moon River

Dear Helen Hartman
         Today I was telling my office mate that the lunar eclipse made me feel abnormally anxious and she said “Lunar doesn’t make the Eclipse, Mitsubishi does.”  I work with idiots.   But it does make me wonder – do you think the moon has an effect on mood?                  
Love to hear if you believe in moon madness

Dear Lunatic Loved One,
        MOON MADNESS? Let’ s see – misbehaving after dark with ancient instincts and heavenly bodies? Helen doesn’t just believe in it – she looks forward to it!  

Actually I am currently mooning over this heavenly find:

She just makes me happy, especially because she's 2 feet tall and she’s had little pink rhinestones glued around her halo. I swear if she were hollow I'd use her for a toilet brush holder or something classy like that that so she could smile on me every day! She certainly was smiling on me when I found this booklet by Singer at the same sale:

Why, yes I DO  wear an evening gown and diamonds whilst I whip up fashionable clothes, don't you?
"Block my light and I will push you off this bridge so fast that stupid little hat of yours will still be suspended in the air where your head used to be." Ahhh, Hollywood: The Mommie Dearest Collection
"I didn't say your butt looked small in this style, I said like everything you do, your style is half-assed." 
"When you asked me if I could thread your bobbin I had no idea you were actually talking about SEWING!"
"You know as soon as you turn your back I am stuffing this ridiculous thing you've slapped on my head into my bra to fix the fact that this dress makes me look flatter than a 12 year old boy, don't you?"
And I think its singing off key!

Of course, being from the South, I know there is one kind of moon sure to drive a person over the edge --
I am not joking when I say my son ate these before I could get a better photo. Mmmmmoonpies.
But I can’t help but love this crescent moon. A $4 find with the inscription Anna Van Briggle Colo Sprngs on the bottom. 

Helen thought she’d been drinking moonshine when she checked around online to find similar examples for $100 plus! Of course as my Aunt Ruth, amateur antique dealer, used to say – it’s only worth what you can get someone to pay you for it!
People have always gazed at the moon in wonder. You cannot argue it has inspired dreamers and romantics for all time.
"I love showing off my rocket. When I grow up I am going to be an astronaut... or a Senator from New York.(Yes, it's a Weiner joke, I couldn't resist it)
Moon Madness? Maybe it's to blame for a lot of things, or maybe it's just a convenient excuse. Either way, why not embrace the possibilities? 
Next time there's a full moon -  
go out and ho-o-o-www-lll!!

Happy Pink Saturday with How Sweet the Sound



  1. As usual love your finds! Love your comment with the mom on the bridge. Hilarious! :)

  2. I swear I have the 3 Wise Men who are dating that angel lol... Same style, at any rate.

    We all know that Weiner will rise again! He'll put his head to the grindstone and stay firm. He's working hard and will likely pop up again any place you least expect it.

  3. You are so awful 50's Atomic!! I love it! I heard Larry Flynt has offered him a really! What a world what a world! You're comments always make me laugh, Helen!!

  4. ha ha ha loved your photo's and captions today brilliant ;-)) have a lovely weekend, dee x

  5. Hello Helen:
    There is a lot of madness in the world, sometimes it takes place in the name of the 'moon' but not always caused by it.

    Once upon a time we owned a flat in London which was on the bank of the Thames, enabling us to have the most wonderful views of the river and the boats sailing by. However, a regular occurrence from a vantage point of a small jetty next to the building in which our flat was situated was a group of boys who would regularly come to 'moon' at the tourists floating by on pleasure boats!!

  6. Jori - the look on the woman's face just said it all.

    Atomic - bwahahahaha. It will be interesting what he gets up to next.

  7. Z-mama - oh dear what news! Well, just goes to show you you can't keep a good man down... or his pants up!

    Have a wonderful weekend too dee.

    Jane and Lance - mooning the Thames, sounds like rarely dignified mischief.

  8. I loved this post, especially your definition of Moon was so loony :))

  9. You are so funny!! I loved reading this post. Your story about your coworker was hilarious.

    Have a great Pink Saturday!

  10. What a delightful post today. Yes, the full moon does have an affect on things. My sister works in an hospice house and she says the patients are much worse when a full moon.

  11. Happy Pink Saturday to those who particpated!
    LV- my Aunt Ruth was a psych nurse in L.A.'s County General Hospital and she said the same!

  12. Wonderful post...of course cycles of the Moon affect moods...ask any teacher...especially ask any 7th grade teacher and she'll tell you that full Moons make 'em C-R-A-Z-Y...
    I have a piece of Van Bringgle pottery that I dearly love. I wanted to visit the studio when we were in Colorado, but they didn't open till 10 or 11 and I knew I could never get Hubby to hang around waiting for an art studio to open...I know how and when to pick my battles so I'll just add it to my bucket list. Your piece looks like a real find. Have a Pink Week.

  13. Hahaha!You are so funny, a proper tonic on a hungover sunday afternoon. x

  14. toilette (we added the "te" to make it classier, of course!) handle....LOVE it - too bad it wasn't hollow :)

  15. Oh Helen I do love my visit here! You always make me smile:)

    And I'll take one of those moon pies - ice cold from the freezer please!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  16. Thanks for visiting y'all. I would like to share a moonpie but they all got 'et!

    Ahh fancy trick there. You know I LOVE adding things to make them more classy.

  17. The crescent moon is my favorite of your great finds!

    Yes...moon madness...yes, indeed!

    I take off my shoes, go hug a tree and howl at the moon. :0)

    So glad you found my blog so I could find you!

    Pink Sparkles for your week,
    Stephanie ♥♥


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