Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plaid to Be Here

 Dear Helen Hartman,
          I just can’t figure out my personal style. Most days I think I look like I dressed in the dark.
                     Love for you to shed some light onto what gives a person style

Dear Loved One
          While it would be possible have an almost unlimited response to questions about style and fashion and finding one’s own anything…Helen is pooped. Why is it two days after  project is turned in and a major undertaking done THAT’s when the exhaustion sets in? Anyhoo, where were we? Oh, yes, shedding light. 
PINK and Stars! Happy Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound! Vintage glass light cover - keep thinking I should be able to Do something cool with it. Ideas?

Grabbed a 1974 Woman’s Day for some fast advice – that’s just the kind of thing you’d expect from an over tired brain, isn’t it? From what I can tell, it was a big year for plaid. Or perhaps that’s better said a year for BIG plaid.
 Why yes, I do use a color chart for vinyl siding to select my clothing.
And a 70s style of Scarlett O’Hara: 
I didn’t have mama’s velvet drapes so I just tore down some kitchen curtains from Sears and whipped up this little number. I’m going to use the toaster cozy for a hat!

And home sewing things better left unsewed
              I know the Muppets were a big hit then, but wearing their fur is just wrong.

And how did they clean this stuff?
 They sure didn’t trust Mom with it. Apparently Mom was always off in a psychedelic haze.
Or leaping about in clothes made of Cool Whip deserts (from a recipe book soon to be explored – Best Dressed deserts!)

Dad was not immune to these trends.
I rely on my good looks to distract people from my inability to tell my wife NO when she buys clothes for me. Some men are color blind. This one is pattern blind.

And the children. Oh, no, NOT the children!
A future regretsy seller gets her start.

 In the end I agree with Dinah Shore (Really? Who COULD argue with her? She was all things warm and southern)
 Who said when asked her best beauty advice. Beauty is good taste, it’s doing the best you can with what you’ve got.

Helen is all for that, some days she just wishes she'd "GOT" more to work with! Have a Lovely Weekend. I'll be curled up on my new floor with my thermos and gazing into the pink stars of my light fixture muttering - there's no place for more home improvement, there's no place for more home improvement.


  1. Hello Helen:
    An absolutely marvellous post which has had us laughing out loud. Wonderfully witty and so superbly illustrated - you clearly have stockpiles of the most fabulous vintage items to call upon at the drop of a hat [or is that a toaster?].

    As for the pink and chrome glass light we should have no idea where to put it but would simply love it if it were ours. Perfect kitsch!

  2. That light is very cool! You are so right, NO Muppet fur for us!

  3. I just love reading old magazines! A walk down memory lane! thanks!

  4. Can you believe that tie??? Ha! Can't wait to see those well-dressed desserts!

  5. How fun! Great Post and Blog! As a Gal from the era of the 'Well Dressed Desserts', I sure enjoyed and related to all the Plaid Ads! Thanks for the trip down the Psychedelic Path. Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  6. Fun post! I love the pink light fixture!!!

  7. Dear Helen..I look for your post each week because you have me rolling on the floor. This was so good.
    You are way too ya.
    Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  8. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
    Oh my dear you have done it again. You are so much fun to pop over and read, and I just love that always pull just the right book, from just the right corner, always in the nick of time, to save the day. You are so delightful sweetie.

    I loved the plaids. They were fun to wear, and we still see them in some fashions day to day. Some things never go out of style. I loved the psychedelic path most of all. That was my era so to speak. I can remember wearing so many of the fun, funky shares. I even wore the boots to match. Nancy Sinatra look out!

    Thank you sweetie for the smiles today. After 3 hours in the dentist chair yesterday, I so needed it. Have a glorious weekend sweetie and a beautiful, smiling Pink Saturday.

    Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  9. The light is great...but did we really wear those plaids? And did we have to combine them with big collars AND big ties? Wouldn't any one of those things been bad enough by itself? What could have possibly motivated us to do that? So many few answers.

  10. Thanks Jane and Lance - I tip my toaster cozy to you too!

    Jori - I don't even know when Muppet wearing season would be!

  11. I do recall those plaids, as well, y'all -but thought they looked cooler than they do in these photos! Every plaid here is from one magazine, ads, articles and all!

  12. Happy Pink Saturday as well - and ooooh on that dentist chair.

    Well Dressed Deserts will be bad for the teeth, y'all don't say I didn't warn you.

  13. Dana - we thought we were kicky in plaid! No, I didn't say icky.

  14. it was fun to read your post :)

  15. Funny! I want to see a pic of the toaster cozy hat! Have a great weekend:@)

  16. Chuckled all the way through. You've got style and a sense of humor, the latter being the most important one.

  17. You are absolutely a person I would want to hang out with. I do NOT say that to many people!! Your mind sounds like a great place to play!


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