Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Dear Helen Hartman,
LOVE to hear your thoughts on MODERATION, please.

            Excuse me but what is this word… moder…? Moderation? Hmmm. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking. Huh. It doesn’t seem to be in Helen’s vocabulary! When is enough enough? Well, that depends what you are talking about. If you’re talking people will snippy attitudes, then I’ve already had enough to fill me for a lifetime, thank you very much. 
"What ever happened to frisky unmarried couples who signed in with no luggage and fake names? At least they felt properly ashamed of themselves to park out of the way and not to wake us up in the middle of the night."
If it’s fun or joy or friendship or laughter or love (Or, let’s be honest, certain confections, fried foods or libations)? Then there is no such thing as enough. More is always welcomed.

"Could this possibly BE more fun?" "I dunno, come back a few cocktails from now and we'll see!"
Photo taken by my Uncle George of good times on the houseboat in Louisiana

The 'girls' of my family circa last week in Oklahoma - if you carry your joy with you, you never run short!
 I don’t know about you but I think it’s that way with most people and always has been! Of course there are some exceptions:

 This is the South! Too much food, too much jewelry or too much hairspray, there is no such thing. In this part of the country, too much of anything is just about enough. (from The Prayer Tree by Annie Jones) 
But I do believe I'd have stopped at giving the dummy a gun! Oh wait, that has never been a prohibition against dummies with firearms 'round here
  We even have a term for an abundance of blessing here in the South. 
A Saturday Evening Posts Post

It’s called a gracious plenty. 

Country Gentlemen from the 30s
That’s certainly what Helen scored on her travels… and today when I hauled them outside to try to de-must-i-fy (now there’s a word every vintage collector needs in his or her dictionary) them, they looked a veritable garden of delights. 

These are just a few samples of the great magazines from the 40s, 50s, and 60s that will be informing my decisions for the rest of the year!

Ladies magazines, were among the haul, you KNOW Helen can't wait to learn the way things ought to be from them and pass them along to you all so as to get you to behave properly  - so Helen doesn't have to!


So if vintage hunting, or houseboating or dressing dummies up like smiling folksy fiendish killers makes you happy (you sick, twisted dummy dressing maniac, you) and doesn’t hurt anyone, why not indulge to your hearts content? How much fun is too much, after all? 
Helen is asking, seriously. Because she has been having so much she has started to forget things... only NOT that dummy, that she will never forget.
Okay, vintage hunting might not be for everyone but to me it beats driving across the country to see a giant wedge of cheese (that isn’t even THAT giant, btw). So enough already, lighten up and have a little fun.

Joining Time Travel Thursday at Brambleberry Cottage today.


  1. Too much food, too much jewelry or too much hairspray...I love it! Growing up in East Texas and living for the past 40+ years in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I understand this well.

  2. Bring on the posts and all that you've gleaned from your traveling purchases. Can't wait!!

  3. Hello Helen:
    'Carry your joy with you'. What a lovely expression and one which we should all, in an ideal world, heed. No, we agree, more is more, in most circumstances, and certainly where all of the goodly things you illustrate here are concerned. Pile on the vintage, we say.

  4. eeek at the dummy with the gun - thats just right for a horror film! Loving the vintage mags, ive got a few here i havent had a chance to have a look through yet.

    Scarlett x

  5. Thanks y'all. Have flipped through the mags and they are chocked full of, um, advice. Yes, that's a word for it. Not ALL of it is as scary as that dummy.

  6. I'd love a giant lump of cheese in my garden, that's just what our house is lacking.
    Glad you had a blast. I think I'm moving to the South if I can wear lots of jewellery and eat far too much. x

  7. I love reading old magazines and displaying them with the different season, esp summer ones for my garden cottage. Sounds like a good time was had by all!

  8. Okay, I will buy the two McCall's from you right now!!!

  9. With all those vintage magazines, you should have a gracious plenty material for your hilarious posts!!!

  10. Thanks y'all - am spoiled for choice to know where to begin bossing people around through time tested magazine wisdom!

  11. You are just too funny!!! I LOVE your sense of humor. And you're right. Even in my region of the South, "too much of anything IS just about enough." ;)

    Thanks for linking to the party. It's fun to have you around.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  12. Hello Helen I just saw your comment re panda doesn your sister still have hers?I havnt seen another like it yet.

  13. Hooray! Bring on the sweet crap! Enough is never enough!

  14. It's great to do some hunting away from home! Looks like you "caught" some good stuff!

  15. What fun your blog is. I just featured Dear Helen on my blog. Sea Witch

  16. Just happened upon your blog it! I'll be back soon for another mighty helping of Helen's Help!

  17. So. Where exactly in Oklahoma did you go? I spent 9 of my most formative years in Ada. We spent a LOT of time on Lake Texoma.
    I am still loving your blog! I have it so it appears in my email.

  18. Ooo, those magazines look yummy!!
    Can't wait to see your take on their illustrations on your blog.
    You are a riot!!


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