Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting My Kicks WHERE?

Loved Ones -
  Okay so Helen's ruby red slippers are sequined Sketchers, they're cute and she didn't have to drop a house on anyone to get them. (Though if you try to take them from her, you may have to drop something on her... cash perhaps.)

but they'll do just fine on this little bit of yellow brick road:
It's a poster, we've seen Route 66 art alllll day long, which is always fun.
 Yep, the Village Wide Yard Sale of Damned Road Trip has been criss crossing and running alongside Route 66 all day long.
This is actually what a lot of Route 66 looks like now, this is a genuine stretch of it, decommissioned.
After a detour to a tourist area we had always heard so much about - such a bust that the only thing we found to share was this - 
It's a great big rooster. We drove 14 miles out of our way to see a quaint historic community and THIS was the highpoint.
Lesson one: Do not believe everything you read on a billboard.
These are a collection of models in some guy's yard along the highway in Indiana.
 Lesson Two - sometimes the most amazing sights are right in your own backyard. Well, not MY backyard (in my backyard there is a broken chair and a brown spot that looks like a grave but is actually a sceptic tank, try making a Wonder out of THAT! - but SOMEONE's yard somewhere?  Magic, I'm sure.

On to St Louis and Missouri:
Not a Tee Pee Motel, just a roadside attraction so tacky I had to stop and snap a pic - I have no idea what they were selling, there was no one around to tell us but I think they could use a big chicken.

Even just driving down the road, it felt like nostalgia was never far behind... or flying past!
Lesson Three: Just because something is old doesn't mean it can't leave YOU in the dust (that blur you just saw was Helen zipping by in her shiny shoes)

We stopped at some antique shops (will share the, um, fruits of that endeavor when we return... suffice it to say, Lesson Four: there are some scary things out there that people have not only  bought once but things that other people think someone will buy AGAIN! Bad, bad things.)

We ended the day at the Rail Haven Motel -  a part of Route 66 since 1937!
Today - and I mean TODAY. They were terrific at check in and the room is clean and comfy.
On the road again tomorrow- Lesson five - even if you've made a trip a hundred times, that doesn't mean you can't find something new... whether its a big chicken or a fab motel - just keep your eyes and your options open! 


  1. Hello Helen:
    Well, it really is all go! But, you do seem to be having a good time. We do hope so.

  2. My partner and I are dying to do a US road trip and this looks wonderful in all its history and wonderful kitschiness:)). I'm dying to see pics of the scary antique shop finds:)) xo

  3. I just have one question. What is the big chicken doing in the trailer? Is it going home with you? ;)

  4. Thanks y'all!
    Dana - I think the chicken is such a big attraction they wouldn't dream of planting it in just one spot, so they share the love and move it around, maybe? Or maybe it was on loan from a traveling big chicken museum?

  5. I'd love to do a Stateside road trip if only to see that enormous chicken, He's awesome. x

  6. Keep the pictorial tour coming. Can't wait to see more!!

  7. Vix - well if you want to see things that are much bigger than they ought to be - come on over 'cuz America is full of 'em.

    Thanks y'all - going so deep into the wilds - into the heart of the Choctaw Nation, to be exact, and no wi fi so more when I return.


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