Friday, July 8, 2011


Dear Helen Hartman,
            Much as yourself, as a service to others I go out of my way to tell people exactly what I think about what they do, wear, cook, say, read, eat and so forth. However, this is not as welcomed an attitude as one might expect. Where is the appreciation? Would love to know how to help others see that I am doing them a favor?
Dear Loves to "Help" One,
          In the first place, Helen does not go ‘out of her way’ for anything. If things get in Helen’s way… well, THAT’s another story! But back to you, Loved One, you make me think of one of my favorite CS Lewis quotes of all time: “She’s the kind of woman who lives for others - you can tell the others by their hunted expressions.”  
Still, I have no doubt you are a popular party guest… hmmm, party guest…. That puts Helen in mind of you know who…
Ahh, Amy, Amy Amy....who said:
Only  great fool or a great genius is likely to flout all social grace with impunity, and neither one, doing so, makes the most comfortable companion. Amy Vanderbilt (1952)
To which Helen can only say... Huh?
Actually by the time of the little party book, mid 60s ol' Amy was so mellow she advised that liking yourself and loving your home is the best way to make your guests feel at ease. I like that - because if my guests are expecting more effort than that, they are flat out of luck.
Still, when it comes to serving others I do like the words of Andy of The Andy Griffith Show to his Aunt Bee Taylor when she questioned his manners for not complimenting her white beans: Eatin' speaks louder than words.
Did y'all know that Frances Bavier, who played Aunt Bee, was not a warm, motherly figure to the cast of the show?
 Amy and Aunt Bee, they might not have been what they seemed but they are perfect for illustrating a very old but always timely fable from India: 

The Wasp and the Bee 
It reads - Your smiling face at the door should be the last view your guests have... it neglects to add - because supressing your true feelings about your husband missing the party to  "work late" with his secretary is just good WASP manners.                                   "Thank you for the dirty martinis and Montovani, Muffy. It enabled us to pretend we were enjoying ourselves throughout the excruciatingly awkward evening."   
A wasp complained to a bee one day: We both have wings and stingers and in many ways are much alike, even though I am prettier than you and more social, coming around people’s tables and into their homes. Yet where ever I build my nest the humans knock it down, they swat at me and delight in my demise. But those same humans plant flowers to attract you and build homes for your Queen and her many children. It doesn’t make any sense to me.
Queen Bee? I like the sound of that.
The bee smiled and said, “The sense can be found in the fact that you buzz around being a bother and thinking only of yourself while I work hard to create something useful. 
Be a lamb and fill this up for yourself, Biff. On my new diet I'm allowed to stare at desert for a whole thirty seconds before I throw it out and eat a lettuce leaf and I don't want to miss a moment of it.
The bee continued: So while we both can bring injury and aggravation, remember, my friend, to sting and be loved, you must always give honey.”

You don’t have to be 

As honey all the time. In fact, Helen is more likely to have a little kick
Vintage pins, tres jolie, n'est pas?

When she tries to soften the sting of her often blunt personality.
Helen’s just sayin’ - maybe you need a little less attitude and a little more gratitude. Let Helen show you how it’s done.
Great estate sale finds today:
All this for $5!!
I LOVE the hair dryer (details Monday, I think) but would never have considered getting it no matter how cheap if Vintage Vixen (if you are not reading her blog – wing your way over there asap) hadn’t shared about turning one into a LAMP! SO excited to try that project. Many thanks!

A dish that I had admired but would never have picked up off the shelf if I had had Pink Saturdayat HOW SWEET THE SOUND on my mind – and if I hadn’t picked it up I’d never have seen it was just a buck! Had to have it and have to thank Beverly for her link party!
 Also thanks today, a bit belated - more internet slow down today - to Tanya at Greetings from the Asylum for a mention in her lovely blog award post!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to them and to all my readers and fellow bloggers, I am humbled by your talent and vision and support.
See, that didn't hurt... much. (Did I actually say humbled? - Helen thinks she feels one of her headaches coming on....)
Just sit me over here on my throne... I mean chair.
 Is it happy hour yet? Well, why limit happiness to an hour? Have a happy Weekend!


  1. mmmmm I try not to go out of my way, but if someone asks me my opinion I am so willing to give it :)) if it isn't one I think they want to hear I always ask them if they are SURE they want to hear it ...

  2. Francie - good idea - then you can always say - you ASKED!

  3. A very interesting variety of pinks for today. Always nice visiting your blog to see what fascinating things you will share.

  4. Oh, my gosh!! You are hysterical! Loved it all - hard to pick which one! Why don't you be the new Amy Vanderbilt with a kick!

  5. A happy weekend to you as well! I am pretty sure that my female relatives had a hair dryer like that when I was a kid. :)

  6. Oh man! I have been looking for a copy of Holiday Hostess. Lucky girl. Also The Andy Griffith Show is hands down my favorite show of all time. LOVE them all, expect for the color episodes. Once they go color, and Barney leaves they weren't as good. I had read Aunt Bee and Andy didn't get along. They seem so chummy on air.

  7. I'm shocked to learn that Frances Bavier wasn't what she seemed. Another myth shattered!

  8. Hello Helen:
    Helen direct, blunt, to the point, speaking her mind, saying it as it is, no frills Helen, speaking frankly, opinionated.....NEVER in a day!

    A wonderful, witty post as always.

  9. Shit I just love the way you write this blog. You certainly are one talented and creative lady-which obviously extends to your buying as well, such amazing finds for so little money! Score, score, and SCORE again young lady!

    Oh dear, I've apparently been communing with Helen a little too closely and taken her 'weekend' advice...can you guess how many glasses of wine I've had? Eeeeek!

  10. Hehe, another great post and soi very wise with the wasp and the bee ;o) Scarlett x

  11. Well wait! You didn't tell us more about Aunt Bee... What the heck...? I want to hear the gossip!

  12. Thanks y'all. Holly some days I'd like to be Amy V and kick some folks I meet.
    Jori - I am an ATG fan from forever - I've written 36 books (mostly series romances) and every single one of them makes a reference to something in the show!(Those photos came from my personal collection of ATG trading cards!)
    I agree with you about the color shows.

  13. Dana and "atomic" ;) - Frances Bavier was said to have been a classic Ac-TOR of the old school who did not socialize with the cast though no one said anything unkind about her. It wasn't a William Frawley/Vivian Vance deal where there was genuine animosity, I think. Andy has gone on record saying "There was just something about me she did not like."
    Ron Howard has said the rest of the cast become his second family. Andy said it was the best time of his career.

  14. Thanks Jane and Lance and Scarlett! Kitty - what a hoot.

  15. "Sweet" pink rhinestone pin! I've got to go see that hair dryer lamp...Can't wait to see yours!!!

  16. I hope the cocktails were flowing last night. You earned one after that witty and "shocking" post. I thought of you yesterday. I found a cocktail shaker travel case at Goodwill. It has all its original pieces and I'm going to mod podge some vintage cocktail recipes on the case.

    Happy Weekend!

  17. Happy Pink Saturday Helen Sweetie...
    OH I am always so excited to head your way as I cannot wait to see what you have written about each Saturday post.

    I did not know that Aunt Bea was not really sociable with the cast in real life. Now who would have thought that? I just figured her character was the way she really was. I have got to read up more on her. How fun.

    I can't wait to see your lamp from that hair dryer. How cute this is going to be. Will have to pop over and visit Vintage Vixen for a preview.

    Your rhinestone pin is so pretty. I loved it. SWEET for sure.

    I am off to stare at my Krispy Kreme doughnut for 30 seconds, and then will eat my lettuce leaf as well.

    Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie, and have a delightful weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  18. Hi Helen Hartman...
    Thank you for visiting me today for the PINKNESS & leaving such a lovely comment. So happy to meet you. I read your profile and must say it is the nicest profile I've ever read. If only everyone would think as you do. xx's

  19. thank you for a wonderful "pink" laugh today - very witty, enjoyed it so much! Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  20. I always knew I didnt like Aunt Bee for a reason,lol
    your too funny, the hairdryer idea is genius, I love Vix.

  21. What fun your blog is! I too enjoy the advice columsn and books... we need more of it now though.

    I'm digging the pink dish...happy PINK SATURDAY!

  22. fun little pins...
    I would have never guessed that was a hair dryer. Isn't that so very handy...all zipped up in it's own carrying case.
    Headache hu?....
    Take an aspirin and 2 stiff drinks and then make no other plans than to have a pinkishly beautiful weekend.

  23. What a hoot. Great post. Sad to hear about Aunt Bea tho.



  24. Thanks to all - I like to think that Aunt Bee was just as she appears on TV, Frances B was the austere one. Make no other plans... how I wish I had done but hubby dragged me off to see my mother in law. She is sweet but it did make me wish I had those stiff drinks.

  25. A blue hairdryer! I'm a little envious to say the least. I cannot wait to see it transformed, you fabulous and witty woman. x


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