Thursday, July 21, 2011

OoooKlahoma where the wind is hotter than the dickens

Dear Helen Hartman,
Love to know - where the hell ARE you?

Dear Loved One
You guessed it. 100+ every day here makes it feel like Helen has fallen into Hades, something you all know Helen would try to avoid for herself (though she is not opposed to giving a little of it to deserving others!).

I am sitting in a McDonald's in Enid, Oklahoma listening to country music circa 1989, with Fox News on the flat screen and inspiring the curiosity of the others by actually using the free wi-fi. It truly is another world. (Road pics are in the camera packed in the trunk but will have loads of wonderment when I return next Monday) I love this town but may be a bit more suited for this Enid these days:
Vintage Enid Collins bag 1963 - It Grows on Trees!

So it's no day at the beach:
This is for a railroad line - if sex sells, then we're sold, never mind one rarely thinks of taking a rail tour in a bikini (Helen prefers a one piece and sarong!)   

So far, our travels have provide as much an opportunity for people watching as the Riviera.
From a 1950s Holiday magazine and yet I see characters I could pick out at any resort today, how about you? Hint:Helen is the one with the great hair... no, not the one with the beard.

at least I'm steering clear of the usual pricks that irriate my daily life.
I may be stuck in the middle of nowhere but I'll be danged if I'll use that an excuse not to look fabulous.

Have found more awful things for sale, and some amazing ones that are priceless - including some breathtaking photography taken by my long departed Uncle George Shorter that I can't wait to share with y'all. And to top it off,  I fed a goat with a bottle this morning.
No, NOT an old goat and a booze bottle and little adorable baby goat.
Now off to spend a few days with the people who made me who I am... speaking of people who deserve Helen to give them hell!
Have a lovely week, Loved Ones! And stay cool.


  1. You stay cool too. I'm right down the road in Texas, so I know what you mean about the heat. Yikes, will this ever let up? I can't wait to see what you've bought and all the places you've been.

  2. That bag is absolutely gorgeous!
    Hope your trip continues to be good.

    I love goats, they are so freaking cute.

  3. Hey we're breathing hot water here is Florida. Thank God for A/C. Carry on~Ames

  4. Stay COOL and Carry On! That Enid purse will help!!!

  5. You had us @ the Enid Collins purse dear.....dreamy.....I have three....but a bucket purse is on my list next - BUT they are HOT, & I hate the price at the moment :(
    We are keeping cool and hydrated....wishing you a fab-o weekend!
    Karla & Karrie

  6. Looks like you're having a great vacation...aside from the HOT.

    Blogged about you for Pink Saturday!

  7. I knew if I dropped by that I would be in for a good laugh. Enid, Oklahoma is where my cousins USED to live. Ah, yes, I remember Enid - it's hot. Quite frankly, it's hot where I live too. I could swear that the purse you bought was my grandmothers back in 1963. What's scary is many of those things come back in style - you just wait. Someone will "updo" it and it will be fabulous. Can't wait to see the pictures from your road trip. (I knew you were the one with the green hair).

  8. Thanks y'all - home again and plagued by internet and laptop woes. Hope to have a post tomorrow....


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