Thursday, August 4, 2011

So... Much... Stufff

We only did a few hours and the World's Longest Yard Sale Kicked my butt...ons right off! (You didn't think Helen would use that word... at least not about herself!)

Me and Betsy, we started early but this was mid day in a K-Mart parking lot. Helen has always known that one day that's where she'd end up, sweaty, out of cash and with blue teeth (blue shaved ice, not wine, I swear.) At least I had a friend by my side.

We hit some of the big spots
Yes we ate fried pies right from the hands... and deep fat fryers of Amish people... um, should they be able to do that?
There were not nearly as many vendors as in years past.  But here are a few of the fun things we found:
Cups and saucers, not so interesting. That flying saucer sugar bowl? Spacey, Man!

Eye Popping. Not the find, the price - $150??? I love Lucy but not that much!

Not a good shot - but anyone recall Katie the Carrot, Mr. Potatohead's pal? It's hard plastic bodies and body parts with giant plastic spikes to skewer vegetables on. What the heck were they thinking? Vegetables?? Kids don't want to play with vegetables.
Nifty Fifties... the guy didn't want to sell the furniture and picture separately.  Good luck with that!
A real Lounge Lizard.

I have NO idea. Salvation Navy?
Found TWO of these in the course of the day, colorful metal race tracks.
Goats as art. I like it.
Probably the coolest thing we found but the price was out of our depth!
This set had certainly seen better days but can't you just imagine the  ultimate cool of it in a 70s pad?

The photo cannot do this justice. It was pristine, from the seller's mother's closet. Red netting, tiny beads - big price tag. She had others, also boutique priced but worth it if you had the $ and the figure.
Bought a few things that will show up later and a very vintage tuxedo w/ tails for my son ($5!) and these:
  some salt and pepper shakers
My favorite purchase. Doesn't she look like she's trying to break the ice and melt this frosty fellow's heart?

and a... what is this?
I don't know but I have a carafe of the same pattern, so...
Probably won't go back for more. Unless someone else is going and asks me to tag along.

Tagging along on Thrifty Things Friday at the Thrifty Groove
and Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventure


  1. I love that thingy with the blue star bursts. I don't know what it is either unless it's a boiler of some kind.

    I went to the longest yard sale about 12 years ago and swore I'd never go again. Hot, hot, hot... junk, junk, junk... and high, high, high.

  2. I am completely jealous. We don't have anything cool like that around here. Your snowmen are fab.

  3. Excellent 70's stuff. Whenever there is a mile long garage sale around these parts, there is a plethora of farm crap for sale. Me? No.

  4. Very cool yard sale...even if the prices were sky high. Your salt-n-pepper snow couple are precious.

  5. What's with the guy who wouldn't sell the couch without the picture? That's too funny!

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  7. What a great time that would have been

  8. At the risk of admitting what a dorky/sadistic/bored kid I was, I spent many happy hours stabbing body part onto potatoes, which my mom would later cook for dinner. :)

  9. Hello Helen:
    You never fail to astound with your discoveries and finds. A force at these sales, we think, to be reckoned with.

    As for the coy expression on the salt, well....!

  10. Looks like a fun day! For some reason I really like the goats:@)

  11. Wanda - every year has it's own personality - hot weather, junk and High prices was what I found this year.

    Still, it would have been hard not to go and see!

    thanks for the laughs y'all!

  12. Dana - I honestly can't believe parents let kids have those stabbing plastic parts - Katies spikes were huge (I assume to support a carrot they'd have to be).

  13. Loved Mr Potato Head but never met his friend Miss Carrot.
    I hope you gave those goats a good home, they are fab!
    Maggie @ Normandy Life

  14. What interesting things you DO get up to!!

    There's no size reference for the little blue-star thingie, but from the length of the handle, etc., it looks really small, so I would say probably a little butter-melter for pouring at table? It might even have had a tiny stand beneath, with a candle-cup.

    And the Melmac!!! Heart flutters from here, (and I get even worse palpitations every time I contemplate adding more STUFF to this house!).

    Chris just came home from a flea market on Wed. with two bags of those---service for four, in two bright colors: turquoise and tomato--just so cheery and inviting. They're all in the DW right now, ready to be brought out for tomorrow's patio breakfast with the two houseguests arriving in a little while.

    I'd already planned to post a picture of the table---should be cheerful, if nothing else.

  15. There were some crazy items for sale at this yard sale! But I do like those goats. That small glass carafe is missing its little burner, I think, that you would put a candle in to warm up your sauce. I think my mother had something like that. Thasnks for stopping by. xo,

  16. I'd love to tag along! Thanks for the tour of all the vintage goodies. Even though the prices were sky high, it's always fun to look and to take pictures.

  17. I am so jealous!! The World's Longest Yard sale!!! As in on HGTV????? I would be in heaven!!
    LOVE those sweet snowman and snow lady shakers!!
    Yes, there are a few Christmas blogs out there !! LOL! I post anything Christmas on mine no matter what time of year but Christmas in July calls for Parties in Blog land!! LOL!!

    Nice to meet you and thanks for your visit!!


  18. Take me Take me! We'd have to start from the Michigan end though. I have to be back to let the dogs out.
    Love your finds. You know this would be Lucille Ball's 100th birthday.
    I think I'd be taking home more pictures than treasures but always fun to search.

  19. Oh gee, some people have some funny ideas about "value", don't they!

    I wish I could have been there!

  20. I just got home today form two days of the longest yard sale and it was hot, hot, hot for sure. I agree fewer sellers and high prices. I did find a few treasures but I might have to skip it next year. Love your S&P.

  21. Can't remember who it was, but I knew someone with the blue Melmac/melamine dishes. The lid to the sugar bowl was difficult to lift off because it was so smooth and not tall enough to get a good grip. But it was cool looking.

    The pyrex pan with handle: a syrup warmer?

  22. I think I need to find one of those "long yard sales." Love the goat art!!

  23. looks like it would of been tons of fun. I love that 70's lounge setting!

    E :)

  24. Wow! I'd love the chance to attend this, but I have to wonder if the prices would be more than my cheap little heart could handle!?

  25. You're so right! It was way too hot and there was way too much BAD junk...the dollar store kind! You still found some great things, though! Love the butter warmer thing!!!


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