Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Loved Ones...
Have three posts in the hopper, contemplating toast and arguing in favor of marriage and wondering just how far one can test that love they neighbor deal before getting outfitted for asbestos drawers.  But the day has gone awry-ish and now I'm cranky. It's a rare thing, brought on by unusual circumstances that almost never overtake Helen and make her... Okay, okay --

Yes I was ALWAYS this way! 

Enjoy your weekend... I will enjoy mine, I am sure, though I cannot say the same for the people in my path... um, circle of light and love and encouragement (yeah, encouraging them to shut their pie-holes and bring Helen a cold drink then get out of her way).


  1. PS - The photo is me at 4. It was part of the series taken for my naturalization papers for becoming an American. I do not recall but I believe I may have been thinking - Yeah, well, maybe I don't want to be a citizen of your clunky ol' country. Didja ever think about THAT?
    Of course, I'm happy and proud to be an American now but at 4, if it means sitting still... you can see my point.

  2. Rut-Ro... Sounds like a long weekend coming up:@)

  3. I'm sure glad you are here...and just as cute as ever! ♥

  4. Why do I think I wouldn't enjoy being in the path of a cranky Helen? :)~

  5. Hello Helen:
    Stay cool and calm! We certainly intend to do just that for, on sudden impulse, we have booked ourselves into a small hotel on the shores of Lake Balaton where, we hope, to soak up the last rays of summer sun for a few days.

    Have a lovely and restful weekend yourself.

  6. Thanks y'all!

    Dana - hey if you are on the side of the crankiness then it is a lot more fun than being in the path!

  7. Jane and Lance, even your impulses are more elegant than mine! Mine often involve drive thru food or buying things I have NO idea what to do with. Enjoy.

  8. Oh dear, you sound like things are a bit stressful for you. I'm totally with you, today. I need a chilled glass of wine and I need it now.
    Hope things turn out okay. xxx

  9. Pass the vodka please. Yes, that would be a good way to start the weekend already. Or buying things we don't need. That works too :- ) Hope the weekend get's better Dear Helen

  10. I'm pouring a big tall glass of white wine and thinking of you. Cheers! Hope the weekend is looking better for you.


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