Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Having a Blonde Moment

Dear Helen Hartman,
It’s time for a touch up and I am thinking of going blonde but not sure about all the clichés.
      Love to know what you think of blonde as a color option

Dear Loved One
Blonde is not a color option – it’s a lifestyle!

"You know if you stopped chain smoking and started wearing shoes you could actually walk for yourself sometimes." "Walk? That's so cute. I don't have to walk, silly. I'm blonde."

  Helen was born blonde (later became what is not so generously called Dishwater Blonde but what she calls Blah-nde)
The paparazzi problems started early. Just take the photo and move along. Someday everyone will be wearing their bangs like this, btw.

Hubby is blond. Children as well.  So she takes all those blonde jokes seriously.

The Hartman twins in years gone by (they are neither Hartmans or twins, but as you can see they were fanatic about maintaining their privacy from a young age - all our photos look like movie stars posing or criminals hiding their faces for a perp walk)

 Oh, all right, I don’t take anything seriously. Maybe that’s the blonde in me? They ARE said to have more fun. So if you want to be one of ‘us’ maybe you should ask yourself some questions.

Are you the fun loving sort, up for any new adventure?

Wheee. Helen asked if I'd like to be on a post and so I ran right out and tried it. It's okay but I still don't get why Helen likes posting so much.

  Not afraid to tell people what you want?

"Listen here, Mr. Salesman. When you sold me this machine you promised it would help me get my work done twice as fast but I can't type a darned thing on it!"
Do you sometimes feel the rules are made for others and don't apply to you?

If you lick one more M&M to try to toss it and get it to stick in my hair, young lady, I swear I will... why are all those people honking? Haven't they ever seen a Mama teach her child manners before? 
It's time to rush off to Rednesday at It's a Very Cherry World
  Are you sometimes told you're not the sharpest crayon in the box - which is okay with you because you only use markers.

"Oh, yes, these will work wonders to help me see if that sneaky kid is sticking candy in my hair or not. I can't wait to get in the car and try them!"

Are you aware that when you go blonde the world may actually begin to revolve around you?

The portable cabana, perfect for the times when I have to slip into something appropriate for going all blonde on someones @$$.

Prepared to draw attention where ever you go?

"I can see you can't help staring and I know what you're asking yourself. The answer is, yes, I am a natural blonde."

 If you answered yes to these questions… then you are going to be fine no matter what color your hair.

If you answered no to most of these questions then hair color is not your biggest issue. Come on, who doesn’t want to have fun telling people the world revolves around you where ever you go?

As I often do I will return to my mother, Maxine’s advice on hair color: Why not? It’s just hair, you can always change it back. Or wear a wig. 

Mom in her wig. The funny thing was, it looked pretty much like her real hair, only with blonde highlights. They were hamming it up trying to look old fashiondy.

 Helen’s conclusion? 

Go For It!

Life is too short to have never been blonde!


  1. OH, Miss Helen!!

    I may be blonde someday---the silver wire is overtaking my brown hair to the point that it's now a kinda goldy-beige.

    But I must have a blonde gene somewhere, because DS#1 is almost platinum; one Summer in the country, he and some friends swam in a pond every day, and it turned his hair a rusty red, so I had to buy Miss Clairol Ash Blonde to get it back close to its original color before school started.

    The blackmail factor wore off when his own color grew out.

    I love when you talk about your family, especially the feisty Moms and Aunts. I have some of those myself.


  2. I think this was your best one yet. My god, I'm rolling on the floor!

  3. Hey, Blondie! I have been "Out of Pocket" the past week, so I just came by to catch up on the post I missed. Loved the post about the post! They are all funny, though, OF COURSE!

  4. Rachel, love the story about your son. We started to have that issue with swimming pool chemicals but then started using a shampoo just for blondes.

  5. Thanks Barbara!
    Thanks for stopping by Lynn - must have stared at the post photo for 20 minutes until it hit me she was sitting on a post!

  6. Your post was the bright spot in my day today! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face, love the post on the post.

  7. The old saying blondes have more fun. Guess I will never know as I am staying with my salt and pepper hair.

  8. Thanks Helen and her Daughters!

    LV - well, some things are fun enough just the way they are, aren't they?

  9. I think if I ever colored my hair blond, I'd look like either a hooker or a go-go dancer! It's dark brown, straight, and down to my butt!

  10. My Moms a blode and says the darndest things. Like today I took a video clip of her... she thought I took a picture. I then SHOW HER the camera as the clip is playing. She says "That's a nice picture. WHY IS IT MOVING?" lmao OH my God!

  11. Sue - LOL, you say that like it's a BAD thing! Maybe you'd look like a hippie chick with long blonde hair... or you could do the Lady Godiva thing!

  12. Coconut - that's priceless! Most of the girls in the next gen of my family are blonde. But we call them The Blondes not because of the color but because of some of the things they have done.

  13. If I get a portable Cabana, I can be a Cabana girl!

  14. How cut and sooooo funny. Everyone loves blonde jokes, I sure do. I have been blonde and somewhere close on and off all my life. Now I am blonde to stay and never looking back...........Great blog, I'll be your newest follower.

    The French Hutch

  15. I tried to comment yesterday and blogger was having none of it!
    I've been both and can honestly say that brunettes have more fun. x

  16. The minute I started bleaching my hair, my husband started carrying me around just like the picture. Whoohoo!

  17. I went blonde this summer... So fun... Did it myself. If you go blonde all the way it takes 2 or 3 processes to get it right. Marilyn went through 16 colors before she got it right. Of course the days i went to work with yellow hair were fun.

  18. Welcome to Mom Walds Cabana!

    Thanks Emily - your blog is wonderful.

    Vix - Same with me and commenting yesterday. I was able to comment on some blogs but not others.

  19. LOL Heidi - when I go blonde I don't have to work too hard because I start with dark blonde but you're right, it's never a one step to get it to look right!
    Saw a 50's style with one bold blonde streak - may try that!

  20. I'm glad at least you didn't include any blond jokes! heehee! I'm a natural blond...that's why I have more FUN! And this post was FUN! ♥♥♥
    PS I think my Mom cut your bangs! lol

  21. Lavender Dreams - LOL on the bangs. My mom actually cut them with PINKING SHEARS!! She thought that was clever. She didn't count on a child jumping at the thought of those things near her face.


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