Friday, September 16, 2011

Vintage Goodies?

Dear Helen Hartman,
 Like you, I love to hit flea markets and estate sales and antique malls. By and by I’ve really gone overboard. My cup runneth over as it were.        
      Love to know what you do with your vintage goodies.

Dear Loved One,
 First off, Helen resents having her ‘goodies’ referred to as vintage! Sure they aren’t as young (or as perky) as they used to be but... oh, you mean a metaphorical cup not…

Victoria has her secrets... in our family we had Aunt Bette, the blabbermouth! Yep, looks like a whole 'nother meaning to 'girls night out!'
 Helen is trying to get a handle on what to do with the things she finds.

"I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours"  "Sure. You DO mean my crazy new vintage sunglasses, right?"
Just last week she had a discussion with a total stranger in a second hand shop over how we didn’t need what we were each buying but felt an obligation to take them home – to save them from someone who wouldn’t appreciate them. It’s a kind of rescue work, really, right?

No, of course I didn't need a giant plaster pineapple but the woman who was eyeballing it was looking for something to plug up the space in her garage where the mice got in. So yes, I bought it and turned it in to a tacky lamp. I HAD to, really.
Which is why I am committing myself to trying to really use and enjoy the things I buy.
The label in a bed jacket I bought cheap this week
Do I NEED a bedjacket?  Maybe not but it's a Barbizon Dainty Puff!  What if that fell into the wrong hands? It might end up as a dust rag or worse...

As you can see some one in the household thought it was perfect as a tiny robe for Miss Tallulah Barkhead.

So wrong. 
Great vintage sunglasses - another doggone good find this week!

You know they what they say about hiding your light under a bushel?

You know, I've tried but the bushel hasn't been made that can hide all this fabulousness

Of course that doesn't apply if the light is a lite beer and you're hiding it from your brother in law aka Billy the Mooch

 Sometimes you have to get creative to get real use of or display something vintage well.  I've painted an old serving tray to make a message board and a kitschy napkin holder as a Kindle keeper.

Actually, I get a lot of them from reading your blogs... earthlings.

Helen’s philosophy is, don’t keep your vintage goodies hidden away, get them out and let the world appreciate them… and do not even pretend Helen is advocating toplessness, got it?


Love to know the most creative way you've repurposed or displayed a vintage find... or what you didn't really need but felt you were rescuing when you brought it home!

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  1. LOL what a fantastic post for Pink Saturday - I loved looking at all the pictures and your comments to go with them!!!

  2. Love the dog in the bed jacket. It would take way too long to list all of the things I have rescued (about 99% of them I didn't need).

  3. Tallulah looks so cute!

    My Share of Pink, have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Hello Helen:
    Resist, resist, and resist! Or, if that is simply not possible, never leave the house with any money or, as an alternative, only ever visit those streets [e.g. Bond Street in London] where the 'vintage' items are never less than the National Debt of Greece and Albania combined and therefore, for us at least, totally unaffordable.

  5. Thanks Sharon!

    Helen and her Daughters - only 99%? LOL. The bedjacket was in a stall with too many clothes spilling everywhere and I KNEW someone would buy it for all the wrong reasons. Zombie Housewife costume for Halloween, maybe.

  6. I don't repurpose much, but I do use everything I have, that's my rule. Happy Weekend:@)

  7. Tallulah was not happy. I think she's more of a cape dog.

    Jane and Lance - well with our economy looking about as gloomy as the Greek's junk prices have fallen. Makes it harder to say 'no'. Some people rush to buy gold, others, Vintage. In the end I suspect if the whole thing crashes at least us vintage people can make a shelter from our junk!

  8. Happier - that's the best, isn't it? Not just having stuff but enjoying it. BTW - that recipe today is off the 'hoof'! Yum.

  9. You know I had not thought of bed jackets in years until this last weekend. My girlfriends and I went on a weekend get away and one had her pj and bed jacket...the other friend chimed in and said she had one too!? So maybe our grandmothers knew what was comfy after all?

  10. Ann have to say it;s the most comfy thing - it would be perfect with pj pants.

  11. You look adorable in your shades! My favorite re purpose is my vintage window turned Christmas ornament holder.

  12. Spend a lifetime buying and selling vintage. Now I don't get it unless I can display it in a particular spot. Never keep your "special things" packed away for a "special day", that special day won't ever come often enough!

    I tend to keep vintage things pristine, but maybe one day I'll sew all that antique lace onto a quilt.

    Oh I've made some Altered Art, so I guess I've used things like vintage books and magazines in my art. :)

  13. I just love they way you manage to turn your pictures and comments into the cutest stories! Keep them coming!

  14. Do our husbands count?
    that's almost as funny as that doggy house coat :) tooooo funny!
    We feel that way everyday - junk fact we are going to get Junk Rescue t-shirts from Junk Revolution....ahhhh....saving one piece of junk at a time (or 2 or 17!)

  15. welll....let's see. Right now on my kitchen table there sits an old domed silver serving bowl that I rescued from a yard sale. It is filled with honey combs that we rescued from underneath the deck where some industrious bees decided to make their home. Tomorrow my plan is to remove the summer honeycombs and replace it with acorns, which I just happened to rescue (find) on my walk today. Happy Pink Saturday :)

  16. Dear Helen Hartman~
    I look at thrift shopping as going on "the hunt". But, my hunting doesn't hurt anyone - you are right, we are rescuing these fine quality items from who knows what! We are also repurposing, putting money back into the economy.. why I think we are doing a very fine thing.

  17. Hi... what a fun blog... I had many Barbizon nighties and my Mom and Sister too... but I don't think any of us looked as cute as your pooch in our bedjackets!!!

  18. Tallulah rocks that bed jacket and both of you look awesome in your sunnies.
    Like you I love buying vintage goodies but you're right, we have to use them and get 'em out. x

  19. Thanks Jori and Pinkim!

    Yes, it's a calling, really, isn't it, Kitchen Girls?

  20. Lynn - bet that's so pretty!

    Holly - I do think of salvaging vintage as a very green kind of process. Yep, that's it. Green. Not an obsession. It's helping the world.

  21. Welcome Donsie - this bedjacket it better made and in better shape than a lot the new clothes in my closet.

    Vix - Tallulah thanks you and so do I!

  22. Hey, my mom has a pair of glasses almost identical to those that I have been coveting for as long as I can remember. She won't give them up, and they have been languishing in a jewelry box... forever!

    I say if it takes up space in your place it has to earn its keep. Why buy boring storage and decorations that have been made by slave labor when you can have really cool pieces?

  23. BTW I want that clock behind the pineapple lamp. Just saying...

  24. LOL Mom Wald - that clock scares me. So cool about the sunglasses. They were just on shelf, sitting, all fab and cheap.

  25. I always appreciate your wicked sense of humor in your posts. That bedjacket and those glasses really are quite becoming. I'm impressed with all your lovely models. It's so nice to know that my addictions (obsessions) can also be played-off as "green" too.


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