Monday, October 3, 2011

Falling for Fall?

Dear Helen Hartman,
     I hate this time of year. Temps dropping. Leaves changing color and scattering everywhere. Everything going all orange and red and yellow. Yellow! Do you know how bad I look in that color?? Yes, it’s true. I Hate FALL. How can any season be good that uses the same word as an accident you hope to avoid– hey, try not to fall! Ugh. Try as I might I can’t avoid it – love some thoughts on how to survive the season.

Dear Loved One,
 Very few people look good in yellow. Trees, however, with leaves turned yellow and gold seem lit by a magical light that shines only for a brief but wondrous time each year. 

MY backyard. What, you don't believe Helen's backyard is lit with mystical light? You're right, I was standing nearby glowing as I do, I'm sure.
Not like autumn? I don’t get it. It’s a time of harvest. Of reaping the benefits of spring and summer. This is the time of year for looking at what you need to get you through what lies ahead. To take in deep all that nourishes and sustains you and to evaluate all the things that no longer serve their purpose. It is a time of letting go and casting things off with a full heart and joy - like confetti.  

Autumn in Kentucky (last year, we're still pretty green right now)
It a season of festivals and feasts. Went to one of my favorite autumn traditions this past weekend – St James Art Festival. In Old Louisville.                                             

Awesome, right?
Didn’t change your mind, did it? Okay, let’s get really serious then. Consider this, when the temperature gets cooler, it’s a great excuse to go shopping! For what? Are you kidding?

"Gee, I sure would like to play with those sweater puppies!" "You took the words right out of my mouth, son!

 He:    "I can't wait until he's big enough to wear a hand-knit navy blue sweater, like these. Then he'll look just like me!"         She: "Please, Mr, take this sweater off me and leave my child alone. I don't even KNOW you."
(Joining Blue Monday at Smiling Sally's)

Um, Darlene, if you were going to all the trouble of knitting a top to make boys notice you, you might have considered using a bulkier knit in the bust department.

 Allergic to yarn?
Surely there are fun fall alternatives.

The actual caption was Vinyl is Still Around. The unwritten subtext? It's an unnatural entity that will never decompose and will survive until the end of time - so think of it as the trend that will NEVER GO AWAY.
What’s your fall fashion passion? – Helen is on the hunt for vintage go go boots. Why? I Have no idea. But found a pair in the wrong size and now it’s like a compulsion.

Go Go Boots? On THOSE legs? More like Gone Gone.
Celebrate the arrival of Autumn. Let go of the things that are holding you back. Affirm what empowers you all the way down to your roots. Shake some things loose. Try something new. Me?





  1. Great fashions!!

    Ann @ A Sentimental Life

  2. Thanks! Looks like comments are iffy again today... ugh! That's something I could do without.

  3. Autumn is definitely here and yes I am also looking for a boots. ^_^

    Anything Blue

  4. Hello Helen:
    Why Fall when one can have Autumn? Just the sound is gloriously golden and redolent with pumpkin pie,roasted chestnuts,log fires......need we go on? And, if these were not riches enough, then ,as you say, one can show off in a hand knitted sweater that would make a Scottish boatman proud. So handy for concealing the less attractive parts of one's physique, even if one does resemble a sack of potatoes!! Let the leaves ......come down!!

  5. You seem to find some of the coolest things to share.

  6. It's officially fall here, but the temperature in my little piece of Texas is still hovering in the mid-to-high 80s, so no boots for us yet. I went shoe shopping yesterday and left empty-handed, because I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea of wearing fleece-lined shoes when it's nearly 90 degrees outside!

  7. It's still like mid-summer here, the UK's having it's hottest October since records begun.
    Your fall looks glorious. I'm not a fan of knitwear with sleeves but that grrovy alternative is right up my street. x

  8. Good luck, Kim, on your boot hunt. Empty handed here so far. Um, empty footed??

  9. Jane and Lance - fashion for potatoes, I like it.

  10. Thanks LV!

    Dana - that's one reason I left Oklahoma, to have an actual fall, not just hot, hot, hot, cold.

  11. Autumn / Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. It has been my favorite since I can remember I suppose. I mean who doesn't want to jump in a big pile of leaves?
    I also love sweater shopping just like you mentioned.
    Most of our trees are still pretty green here. I have only seen some slight yellowing on them. But I am sure they will change fast.

  12. Good luck on the boot quest, be sure to get a color that goes well with your pink hair:@)

  13. With ya on Autumn as the best time of year.

    What color boots go with pink hair? I am seeking black shiny... but in my heart, I want white ala Goldie Hawn on Laugh in!

  14. As you can tell by our blog, we kinda have a thing for Autumn. I can't wait to hear more about your boot hunt. After sporting a walking cast for nearly six weeks and feeling like I had a wooden leg, I've decided to be a pirate for Halloween. I'll be wearing a different kind of boot that night.

  15. One of your new followers and LOVE Fall, or Autumn or whatever you want to call sweater weather! Only thing I hate is having to put away the sandals. But then I wear them till my toes are starting to turn blue:) Good luck on the bootie hunt and enjoy the scenery!

  16. Kim K - can't wait for the photos of your pirate adventure.

    Welcome Vicki/Jake - sweaters and sandals? It's just a personal kind of style, right?

  17. I wrote this hilarious reply, funny, witty, insightful, deep..and POOF! Gone. Well, you don't know what you missed..but I was saying how much I enjoyed your fall post..the photos of where you live are great, the vintage ads funny and , well, I jsut can't re-create all the clever things I I'll just have to visit here again so I can tell you ..

    Seriously, this is one funny post. And your interpretations of the ads. too fun!

  18. Well, if fall in Kentucky includes a trip to the Mag Bar - I'll meet you there & buy the first round! *clink*. And Dear Helen, I must say for those of us who are VICTIMS of EVIL hot flashes and feel like a pig in a barbeque pit year around, the whole beautiful sweater thing is just that - a SWEAT-er! So I must concur with your advise seeker - fall SUCKS! But hey, bars are usually air conditioned all year round, so... *clink* (*G*).

  19. BTW - hot flashes do not occur in the feet so if you find a size 7, please forward ;- )

  20. (Go-Go boot. Size 7 go-go boot. Hot flashes do however affect the brain)

  21. Colleen - I believe you. All my best posts seems to vanish. Sometimes between my brain and my fingers when I am typing!

    Well, just to make you crazy - I DID find one size 7 - literally ONE. They think the other one must be SOMEWHERE... argggh.

  22. You make a good case for fall! I may be biased however, it is my favorite season. :)

  23. Nice Photos1 thanks for sharing!JoAnn

  24. I looked bad in go-go boots the first time around so there's no way in h*ll I'd even consider them NOW! Of course, I also paired them with white fishnet stockings, something that should be a capital offense if worn by chubby girls like moi. A vinyl vest? Gawd!!!

  25. LOL Vintage Christine - what no one speaks about with fishnets is the pattern pressed into your thighs for hours after you take them off -- oh, and heaven forbid if you tights are too tight - it looks like you're trying to strain the fat away through a sieve!


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