Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Weekend

Dear Helen Hartman,
It was a long week. Looking forward to the weekend and wondering... love to know what you do to unwind?

Silly Loved One! Helen doesn't unwind. She uncorks!

Correct answer to the question: How much booze is enough to make the week's woes disappear?
Thought last night I spent some time in the tub with one of my favorite guys.

You thought I was going to say Johnny Walker or Jim Beam, didn't you?

Today I am off to a craft store, my head full of big plans for the coming holidays. Hope to launch into holiday mode here on the blog tomorrow with a whole month of great advice from a big ol' stash of Christmas magazines and books (starting with a Christmas Ideal booklet that will bring tears to your eyes, maybe not in a good way!).
The last few years I've made Christmas books for my family using family photos, this year, I may try something from a vintage source. That'll teach them.
 Mostly, though, Helen finds thrifting, estate sale-ing, flea marketing and general junking her own kind of  bliss. 

My mind lets go of the present worries and being among the things once loved by others reminds me we are all part of the human parade. We embrace something, we cherish it, we let it go or  life lets us go and what we once loved goes on. Hard to stay 'wound up' about files and work in the midst of all that.
Happy Weekend!


  1. On the weekend, I generally unwind by taking a break from anything furniture- or decorating-related. I spend most of the week posting items to our Etsy store, updating our website, making minor repairs to furniture and arranging smalls on the floor. Saturday and Sunday are usually my days to leave it completely to my SIL. (However, he's talked me into taking over the store on Sundays in the near future, so he can have time with the fam.)

  2. In highschool I used to wear a Mr.Bubble t shirt. I loved it!

    Okay seriously... If I seen that green dining set I would be RUNNING to the till to pay for the darn thing. OMG IT IS BEAUTIFUL and my favorite color. It would make any Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving dinner 1000 times better!

  3. Dana - so while the rest of us are out looking for vintage you're taking a break from it - makes sense to me.

  4. Coconut - it really was lovely. I just don't have room for a dinning set so every time I see one, I snap a photo.

  5. Hapy weekend to you, too! Now go on and take Johnny Walker and Jim Beam into the tub with you! Jose Cuervo would probably enjoy the bath as well! :-)

  6. LOL Alycia, that would be a pretty crowded tub.

  7. I can't wait to see some your Christmas magic.

  8. Looking forward to seeing what you bought from the craft store. Hope your having a lovely stressfree weekend, dee x

  9. Mr. Bubble and Bubbly... sounds like a perfect night:@)

  10. Thanks Dee and Kim - you might not be surprised to know I've already messed up one project! I'm so proud to start the holidays off with such a fine tradition - big mistakes with spray paint.

    Oooo I should have had bubbly in the bubble bath. A glass of Asti in the hot tub is it's own kind of heaven - the kind where you climb out feeling like a happy noodle.

  11. I'm usually not a vintage-y sort of person, but I have to admit to a feeling of warmth, familiarity and nostalgia when I walk through a resale store. My favorite thing is when I see something that I recognize from my grandparents' homes when I was a child!

  12. I did think you might've bathed with Mr Daniels but Mr Bubble looks like he's a laugh. x

  13. Judy - that's always a thrill to, to see something I remember from childhood.

    Vix - Mr Bubble knows they way to my heart... and to my aching feet!

  14. OMG - I love that green table and chairs! I would have bought that in a heartbeat! Even though I don't have anyplace to put it...


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