Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm not Obessessed, I'm... Thorough.

Help, Loved Ones, it seems just as I am on the mend from one illness I am falling into the grip of another! This one, however, is incurable and I'm afraid many of you are afflicted. It's Gottahaveititis.

The symptoms include: Checking ebay and etsy day and night, sometimes using a Thesaurus to come up with different words to describe what you're looking for, just in case.
I tried kitschy, kookie, and kicky in my search because that's what I'd call what I'm looking for but then I put in kinky and who'd have thought it - BINGO! No, I didn't find what I was looking for, I found a game of BINGO that you wouldn't believe. It should arrive in the mail next week!

You haunt thrift stores and flea markets ignoring adorable things you'd usually stop and fondle (I do NOT mean the cute fella at the concession stand) because you are focused on the one object you must have.

Young Helen, we're supposed to be making play food. That's what girl's do!
I don't care. I am making a model of this angel I saw and anyone who tries to stop me will be eating Play Doh Pie, (which btw, is Delicious.)

You begin practicing your concentration and powers of mental 'wishology' to materialize said treasure or to hone  your 'Spidey Senses' so they will tingle when your beloved object is close at hand.

I am one with the pans. I am one with the pans. I see them in my mind. I hear them in my thoughts. They call to me. These Glamorous, Glorious pink enameledware pans WILL BE MINE.

You may recall this thrifty find -

the stall owner was there when I admired them and offered them to me for a song. Then, after she heard me sing, she changed that and wanted real money, but not very much of it so they came home with me and yet... some how it felt incomplete.

I blame watching too much School House Rock as a kid  (Three IS a Magic Number)

Whatever the reason I did not get together a Pink Saturday post because the only thing I've felt well enough to do was look for more of these lovely ladies - who, it turns out, are angels (I KNEW it - Take that guy at the counter who told me they were 'exotic ladies' and definitely NOT angels) with detachable wings. Found that out shopping ebay where someone is selling them for, let's just say it's more than a song. I have a bid in on one that's not too crazy and we'll see but really, I'd love to just run into one thrifting. So that's what I am doing today instead of posting. I have that tingly feeling that there are more of these around my town and I want to find one in time to put up Christmas decor.

How about you - ever get a bad case of Gottahaveititis? What did you have to have?


  1. Hello Helen:
    Be careful what you wish for.......!!

    Dearest Helen, you sound to us as if you are on the mend [and the make, which is surely a very good sign] about which we are pleased as Punch and Judy.

    Where angels fear to tread.....!!

  2. What do check-out guys know about exotic ladies? That's what I want to know. If they had any firsthand info, they'd be off in Tahiti with one! Gimme a break. What did he think they were doing with their hands? Some exotic thing that required...uh, let me think...folding your hands as if in prayer, I guess.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're well enough to be obsessing on thrift purchases. That's the best sign we've had in weeks that you're gonna make it! I hope you find a boatload of them and get to take your pick. You deserve it after feel lousy for so long.

  3. Sounds like you do feel better, glad to hear it! My last case of gottahaveitis involved ornaments that are supposed to spin by the heat of Christmas tree bulbs... yea, expensive AND didn't end well. Good luck with the angels:@)

  4. Well, it sounds like you feel like I do. Cough cough. My gottahavititis is jadite and pink milk glass. Can't get them for a song in Ontario ;-( but I keep looking and tingling ;-)

  5. Jane and Lance - I fear my own guardian angel is already trembling at the idea of the adventures ahead!

  6. Thanks 'Protector'!

    Dana - LOL You are so right, not all angels have wings. What does HE know?

  7. Heat spinning ornaments? I can see how one could become obsessed about that! And how it could end badly but the real fun is the hunt, right? Right?

  8. Take care Vintage Gal - pink milk glass? A rarity around here for sure too!

  9. Good luck in the search! I have found one of my wish-list items recently (the printers tray I made over) but there are plenty elusive wants out there still.

    I notice the pink pans are 'slightly higher at distant points' - is that why intense lady is attempting telekinesis?

  10. With all the sources available to you, you will find what you want and a way to get it. Never give up on anything.

  11. Dear HH, it wounds as though you are well enough to obsess, a good sign... me? I usually just go for jewelry, the pink kind...or maybe it's just anything pink!

  12. LOL on the slightly higher at distant points. Maybe she's trying to figure out where those points are.

    Thanks LV and Pinkim, I won't give up, just keep obsessing and in Pink as well!

  13. Unfortunately, a hangover of regret often follows a bad case of "gottahaveititis". Take Care!

  14. I love those exotic ladies!!
    I've been hunting for green platform boots for ages but found a pair yesterday so I've been cured. x

  15. Mom Walds - I am fearing that, esp since I've gone all ebay on the attempt to find one. Can I resist the urge to stick to a budget?

  16. Vix - Green platform boots are a worthy adversary. Glad to hear you hunted them down and won the day... of course the next case of gottahavititis is just around the next sale.

  17. According to my dear Mother... I have Gottahaveititis over alot of things.
    But hmmm lets see
    * A 50's vanity stool. (I seen one in a thrift for $10 but at the time had no extra moola for a week so I had to wait and when I went back it was gone. *cry*
    * Sun beam Egg Cooker. (I have been searching for one of these for a good while. One day... one day)
    * A pair of saddle shoes. (In my blinking size... I come across them but they are either too big or too small.)

  18. Coconut - ah the come back and it's gone heartbreak! That only makes wanting something all the worse! I LOVE saddle shoes. Never see them in any size, though. Best of luck finding your bliss.

  19. Thanks Fifi - coming from someone with your artistic sensibilities that means a lot!

  20. LOL, this clip reminds me of Conjunction Junction...I think I still know most of the words! :)

  21. Now that I've seen it in your post, I've got to find some of that pink enamelware!!!

  22. Karen - what's your function... hooking up phrases and something something!

    I know Sherry - was there anything they didn't make in pink back then?


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