Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Talking Turkey

Dear Loved Ones,
It's that time of year again, time to roll up my sleeves and do battle with mashers, mixers, hambones and at least one  overdressed turkey. But enough about my day with family.

Just wanted to send out a note of thanks to all who have read, followed, commented on my blog this past year and especially for all those who have kept up their own blogs for me to follow and fall in love with everything from vintage fashion to modern design. Not to mention all those recipes!

I SAID Not to mention them. Especially the ones that involve turkey. Vintage serving platter - and you thought sick humor was an affection of our cynical modern age!
So for those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving! Already planning to launch into full on Christmas mode next week - and trust me NO TRADITION will be spared. Bwahahahaha...<cough> I mean FaLaLaLaLa...

Here's a taste (not to be confused with good taste) of the kinds of merriment Helen has in store:
Cookbook and hankie showing... um, there is a carriage and palm trees and some people in Victorian garb... wait a minute... is that even a Christmas hankie? At least that flaming molded gelatinous thing on the book looks festive, right?

Still need a quick snack to whip up for tomorrow? Helen can provide!

Makes 20 because a dozen just wouldn't be enough! 

 Or if that's just not quite fancy enough for your soiree:
You heard me. Refrigerate. Do not put on the table and for heaven's sake do not serve to guests!

Honey, I found ANOTHER Beetchovie with just one bite out of it - this one was stuffed in a sock in my drawer!  

I'm sure I'll be revisiting this cookbook again but until then it has given me the inspiration for a new nickname for hubby:

You're my great big, Jingle Cake! You're sweet, make my heart go ting-a-ling and sometimes I just want set you on fire and make a wish.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I wish I was a guest at your table tomorrow. xxx

  2. Love your opening, are we related???
    Happy Thanksgiving and when it comes to the gift of anchovies... really, you shouldn't have:@)

  3. I'd like to sic that knife-wielding turkey on the person who came up with the Beetchovie recipe. ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks Vix - you'd be the best dressed one there for sure!

  5. What? NO recipe for anchovy meatballs?

    Dana - LOL - that would show them!

  6. Have a splendid thanksgiving. Bring on the merriment!

  7. Damn you! I spit my soda all over my monitor!

    Beetchovies and your hubby, Jingle Cake...well hell.

    Happy TG to you as well. I'll be roasting up the bird in my Flair. I'll think of you!

  8. Thanks Kim!

    Barbara - enjoy that bird and do try a Beetchovie!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving!
    *Jingle Cakes* haha what a cute name.
    I am rather saddened you were never able to be a clown because of your Father's beliefs and values.
    But just think.... Your an adult now and able to make your own decisions. Better late than never.... right rightttt??

  10. ;-))) Always making us smile with your great sense of humour. Happy thanksgiving. dee x

  11. Coconut - I live in fear of being that old lady with clownish makeup!

    Happy Thanksgiving Jori, Khushi and Dee!

  12. OMG! What hideous recipes! I'm not coming to your house!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving chickadee :o) Scarlett x

  14. Sandy - I didn't even go to my house. I went to our nephew's and left the anchovies elsewhere.

    Happy Thanksgiving Scarlett.

  15. This is my first visit to your blog! It made me laugh! I love it. XOXO from your newest follower!

  16. Welcome Betty - off to visit your blog right bacK!


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