Friday, December 16, 2011

Mad Libs mini post

Hey all, Christmas is a mad, mad time of year so why not embrace it? Helen is the feature Mad Libber today at The Bold Abode! Go over and take a listen. Gwen is a serious hoot - meaning seriously funny, not a somber owl imitator (like you Helen has been lead astray by that before).  Will be back later for Pink Saturday fun - wait, does being tickled pink at being part of Gwen's blog count?

And in defense of my calling Santa boozy... let's just say, I have my reasons to suspect the 'jolly' old elf.

Other brands of tobacco are deadly, Santa's is TOASTED! (paraphrasing Mad Men)


  1. Oh holy matrimony!! I just jumped over from the Bold Abode to she what she was talking about over here and I must say.....I'm hooked! I subscribed to your blog before I finised reading it! This is my kind of humor...thanks!

  2. Hello Annie [as we have now been introduced by the wacky Gwen!!]:
    Is Gwendolyn your twin? Do you sing duets together? Is America big enough for the two of you?

    Whatever, we have had fun at 'The Bold Abode' and can see that both of you are getting fully into the festive spirit.......and, no doubt, the large Martinis too!!!

  3. Oh...I'm so loving your blog and your humor! What a great way to start the work day!

  4. Father Xmas with a fag, how cool! x

  5. Awwww...shucks...Thanks so much for your kind words. Hoot, hoot! You were such an fantabulous Mad Lib contributor. I cannot get boozy Santa outta my head...Oh, and swingin' rumballs...hahaha!!!

  6. LOL Jane and Lance - you meet the nicest people when you realize the world is out there waiting to be friends.

  7. Thanks Pam!
    Vix - circa 1939 and not just smoking one but endorsing them with a note of praise! Bad Santa indeed.

  8. Too funny!! This is an image of Santa I'd not seen--I think he'll be needing to put some Chantix on his list this year!! ;-))

  9. Come on over to my blog today, Helen, to see what else Santa's been smoking!


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