Friday, December 16, 2011

The Nog before Christmas - a cup of pre Christmas cheer

T'was the week before Christmas and through the blog,
Naughty Helen was stirring some rum in the nog...

My Mom's Christmas punch bowl - I LOVE it. Even when it's not full of rum.

And that never ends well...

It seemed like a cute idea at the time, I'm sure.
One minute  you're hanging lights on the tree

Why wouldn't you give your child the gift of burning things rite? Especially when you live in a world with giant Christmas lights that burn hotter than, oh, the SUN?

and the next you're draping those lights 'round your neck.

Look at me! I'm a pretty pretty pink tree!

Before you know it you're hitchin a poodle to a pony cart to go on a sleigh ride...

I don't get why the cart on the poodle, but I fell in love with it, so now it's mine. Sorta like when I met my hubby.

Or trying out anew recipe...

Yup, it's the South Y'all!\
 Guess I'll stick to Ginger Ale tonight.
Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy your weekend!
Sunday night or Monday, come back for a meeting of the single Santa support group!


  1. My I love that pink dress and how tiny the waist line is. ^_^

    Pink Rose

  2. I wouldn't go back to the days of cinching my waist in like that with a longline bra for anything on earth. What torture!

  3. I love rum and egg nog. Got a good recipe for home made egg nog? Love that pink dress. Would LOVE to fit into it. Love this cheery post and the punch bowl ;-)

  4. Do make Tom & Jerry? I've seen recipes for it.


  5. I love the poodle! Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  6. What a delight to see these lovely decors.!

    Pink at my page, please come and see. Have a wonderful holiday from my family to yours!

  7. That Tom and Jerry bowl is beautiful-I love it! Remember, pinky up:@)

  8. Kim - yes that tiny waist is mind boggling - how is it humanly possible?

    Oh, Dana explains it! No thanks.

  9. Vintage gal, my mom used to make homemade egg nog but hers was so rich, she used to make it all year long to help fatten up my uber skinny brother! I buy it already made.

  10. Thanks all - my mom made Tom and Jerry punch for a party once to match her punch bowl and it was awful. It was like drinking pancake batter!

  11. Hold the egg nog, and switch out the rum for some tequila... Throw up those Rite lights and, now, that's a pahty... Just be sure and put up that punch bowl or it'll end up on someone's head...And THAT never ends well, either..hahaha...

  12. I'm with that pink dress and ENVY that teensy little waistline. Wonder what she looks like today? I never heard of Tom & Jerry punch, although I used to watch the cartoon all the time. Hilarious as always, Helen!

  13. Punch without Rum,
    Is like
    A band with no drum.

    Enjoying your blog as always!

  14. Love, love, love the graphics on Mom's punch bowl.

    Your poodle is pulling one of the few Christmas ornaments we still have from Hubby's grandmother. It's such a small Christmassy World!!!

  15. Gwen - someone puts my bowl on their head they'll WISH they had tequila (or takillya as we call it)

  16. Fun to learn someone else has one of those ornaments - that's a found replacement for one my parents had.

  17. This is a crazy coincidence, but I also have a 'Tom & Jerry' bowl that belonged to my Mom. She told us later what 'Tom & Jerry' was because I thought it was the cartoon!! :-)

  18. I have recently seen that punch bowl with a lot of cups in a antique store.... very nice, I love the poole pulling the cart, very unique.
    Merry Christmas

  19. I want to come to your house and steal that bowl and the poodle! But I won't!

  20. Kim - me too! That's why she tried to make the punch once, to show us what it was. I prefer the cartoon.

  21. Ellen, only in recent years did I know there were matching cups! I like it cupless, much like my chest.

  22. Come on, Laurie, but be prepared to be attacked, not by my 3 dogs and 2 cats but by piles of pet hair. I promise you won't get far ;)

  23. I LOVE that poodle pullin' wagon Annie ~ it's adorable :) Hope you had a great weekend...Cheers!

  24. I want that poodle and cart more than you'll ever know. x


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