Sunday, February 19, 2012

Question Authority? Always. Question Helen? Never!

Well, maybe sometimes!

No, that is not my way of saying you should ever question the soundness of my advice or the veracity of my research.

And it certainly doesn't mean you can question my taste in clothes or skills at crafting. (Her expression really sells that knitting machine, doesn't it?)
Just taking a minute to remind you that you are always welcome to ask a question of Helen. In answering I will gladly add a link to your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter or who knows what else you've gotten up to (as long as it's legal). Who am I to judge?

Helen, that's who and like that Romper Room Lady - I SEE YOU! Now sign off of that website you've been wasting so much time on and clean your mind out with three recipes from a cookbook written back when lard and sugar were considered healthy and an episode of Happy Days.

I was going to write a whole post about what kinds of questions to ask

The short answer is: Questions that amuse Helen and that she doesn't have to put down her drink and do actual work to find the answer to.

But then I had a chance to go to the Dixie Peddler's Mall which I have only been to once and buy those cocktail glasses above and this stuff:

I HAD to buy the bowling trophy because one can never have too many trophies, especially with a sassy gal on them like that. I swear she didn't knock those pins down with a mere bowling ball.  She sashayed up to the line, put the toe of her ugly bowling shoe down and bowled those pins over with a swing of her hips. 

These are not big enough or heavy enough to be bookends but they speak 'volumes', don't they?

 So no answers today but that just means more opinions stored up to tell everyone how to live  um, advice next post!

Have a question for Helen? Send it to or pose it on my FaceBook page or ask any time in the comment segment of a post. I'd love to hear from you. Though I can't promise you will love to hear what I have to say... especially if you ask about that thing you think nobody knows about you - 

Margot breaks into lockers and corrects the grammar in the journals of her classmates. It is one thing to not know who you made our with under the bleachers, but to not know how to use an apostrophe? Inexcusable.
Tina Marie moonlights at Renaissance Faires on weekends as June, mistress of the Middle Class Sewing Room.
But YOU! Sure, you tell yourself you bought that Fu Man Chu wig to add realism to the happiest moments in your life but you ain't foolin' Helen.

Helen knows and she has some pretty strong ideas about THAT!

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  1. Good finds bet that favorite past times book is fun to look through ;-) Hope you get lots of questions. dee x

    1. Thank dee, Can't wait to share some of the past times that Rand McNally thought children (it looks like almost entirely girls) should get up to!

  2. Fun post and naturally I am swooning over those super fab glasses. Enjoy!

    1. I always look for those glasses - I Have a couple in the highballs size and didn't even know they made cocktail glasses - they are divine.

  3. Hmm, trying to think of some insightful questions...for starters, where can I get the pattern for that Renaissance Fair getup? It's simply divine.

    1. LOL - Maybe you can just DIY one with chicken wire? I have no idea what people were thinking with those things! No pressure on questions, I have plenty, I just wanted people to know it's okay to ask.

  4. Wow! What a blog you have here. How have I missed this before. I wandered over following your kind comment on my last post and yippee! I am now your latest follower and fan and shall go away to think up some questions for you.

    1. Thanks Carol - I love your blog and hope you go great things with your books. So glad to have you as a visitor.

  5. Glory to goodness girl ya sure found yourself some treasures there. I do remember one of those books. 'Must be a bonafied antique! Heeehehehhe!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself an amazin' day!!! :o)

    1. You too. It's bad when one's toys become antiques but then one day you see one of your kid's toys! Man, that's baaaaad.


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