Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sing Along with Helen

Can you believe Christmas Day is just a week away? I still have loads of gifts to buy, boxes to wrap. I haven’t baked a single cookie or nogged a single egg! I guess you know what it’s time to do, Loved Ones.

Time to visit
Auntie  Helen’s  Crapht Corner…
Christmas Edition.

The season is here when so many of us want to blow off the stuff we should be doing commemorate the holiday with something special that no one else can (or would)  make.

Sure to become a perennial favorite, feel free to sing along as we count down

The 12 Craphts of Christmas!

By the 12th day of Christmas this stuff was made by me:

12 Kitschy Kits

Why is Santa on the phone on the potty cover? 

11th Hour Party Themes

You're right, Betsy, all the chemicals in the air here DO make me feel extra Christmassy.

10 Lousy gift choices

Gifts that say Merry Christmas 365 days a year? -- If by Merry Christmas you mean - Where's my dinner, woman?

9 whatever these are

Painted clothes pins? Ornaments? Toys?  What?

8 tacky tea towels

These are GUEST towels, Okay? I wouldn't go to this kind of trouble for FAMILY!

7 Kinds of Cookies Crumbling

Food in unnatural colors and loaded with sugar - now that's how you say - Merry Christmas and Let's Diet in the New Year.

6 Stitchers B!#ching

Mona lived in the shadows of the other girls all year long, but at the Christmas knit fest? She'd been bulking up with RHOVYL for months just for this moment to shine.

5 Candle Rings

You're not putting PLAIN candles on your Christmas table are you? 

4 Drunken Dials

I don't care if you are the super-er-visor in charge of my buh('scuse me) b-ranch, you can kish my mish-letoe!

3 Strange Plans

Tell me more. Because I spent years dressing my own dolls as a child and never earned a cent. SOMEBODY OWES ME BIG TIME.

2 Reindeer Romeos

Heads the holiday hit parade? It's pipe cleaners in styrofoam. people. That must be one sorry parade.

And butter sculpture...


made by me-e-E-E-e-EE!

Yeah, I didn't really even try. Didn't you see the box? I can BUY  butter sculptures.

Make the most of you week, Loved Ones!


  1. I'll never sing the "12 Days of Christmas" the same...lol! Is that really you with the reindeer butter? I believe this will go down as a Christmas classic and must be reposted every year!

  2. Yep, that's me. I tried singing it to make sure the words fit, sometimes you have to be creative to make it work

  3. In true Dear Helen Hartman style! Hey, I am a wiz at tri-chem ...

    Great post DHH.

    Come and join me for my Countdown to Kitschmas, if you haven't already ~


  4. Will do - LOve your countdown to Kitschmas!

  5. I will take one of everything! =p
    But the westinghouse stuff will stay with me.

    1. Yes, now that they are all vintagey but if you got a modern iron? Me thinks coconut heads would roll!

  6. Hey I like your butter sculpture! As for that Romeo Rudolph... that would be one bummer of a gift:@)

    1. I just can't imagine someone sending away to buy it from the back of a magazine.

  7. Replies
    1. fa la la la la tee da! Here in Minnesota we sculpt our butter in 100 lb blocks into the heads of the Diary princesses; it is a dairy state ya know. Happy Holandais, Helen!

    2. Carlene - thanks - loved your blog too!

    3. Tammy - I love the idea of a real butter sculpture - but if I worked day and night mine would never look more like a reindeer that a stick of butter right out of the box!

  8. i love the "demure" eyes on those styrofoam romeos. so festive

    1. Yes, that's what you look for in your Christmas crafts, isn't it?

  9. I'm gasping for air!! How hilarious! I've made a 12 days list, but not nearly this great!

    Thanks for following me - I absolutely am following you right back!

    1. Thanks - I loved your blog and am happy to have you here.

  10. Well, I think #6 is my favorite. I do remember "trichem" - if I remember right, it was always difficult to get the paint out. . .maybe I was just doing it wrong.
    Merry Christmas, Helen.

  11. Your butter sculpture is amazeballs;) You are a nut and I love it!


  12. Many thanks to linking in to my Countdown to Kitschmas.

    Cheers to a fab New Year!



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