Friday, December 14, 2012

This Is A Find Mess!

Dear Loved Ones,
Helen is thinking of shaking things up.

Oh No! Close your eyes - Helen is about to bust out her Happy Pants Dance again!

No, it's just that, as Helen solves more and more problems there seems less for me to do in that department. I'd like to say it's because so many people have actually straightened up and begun to fly right.

Put a tie on when you want to build models, have some personal pride at playtime, for heaven's sake.

But really more and more I get fewer and fewer messages with issues I can make fun of  address with my own brand of not so helpful advice and more requests to promote someone's agenda or feature a product.

Yes, a coffee pot for the queen, so she can bean you on the crown with it.

Also the more Helen focuses on advice the more she misses out showing off her vintage goodies.

Riiiight, like she needs an excuse. You know Helen tries to show her goodies off every chance she gets.

What? No! Your mind really is in the gutter, isn't it? I have always liked that about you. I mean vintage collectibles and treasures. Of course Helen has a solution for this.

The kind of solution that will melt the price tag residue right off your latest find and  keep you from wanting to strangle a seller who risks ruining a treasure with crummy stickers?

Along with more visits to Aunt Helen's Crapht Corner, I am adding A Find Mess Friday. Just going to throw out a whole mess of stuff I have found during the week. 

So this is the actual rug that Helen sweeps everything under? I thought it would be lumpier. Findings probably will not include her reading glasses (because she NEVER can find those) or old wads of gum from her shoe. No promises.

No, stuff like these sweet little fellows:

Is this one crazy mixed up angel or what? He's a boy, but those lips! He's an angel but clearly in an altar boy's robes. And I can't even tell if he's a wall pocket or a vase! Of course,I adore that about him.


Well, that's what I'm planning today. It may change tomorrow, esp if a slew of questions pour in.
I am always happy to highlight and link fellow bloggers so if you have any question for Helen please ask in comments or send to

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. I like the girl wearing the girdle has no roll of fat becasue she has pushed all the fat to the top.
    cute angels.

  2. I agree about the girdle picture. Even when I was a slim teenager and girdles were still popular, I had more of a fat roll than that. I'm calling airbrush on that one!

  3. Both of your boy angels are wearing red lipstick ... that kinda scares me.

  4. I love the sweet angels and those ruby red lips! I have a question but I will write to you because it needs to be anonymous! heehehee! Holiday hugs!

  5. Lovin' that second little angel, so stinkin' cute:@)

  6. Oh- Helen- I have some crazy questions for you. I will email you one later-xo Diana

  7. Helen, I have so many questions I need a private session. hugs

  8. Thank you for the replies all. As you can guess it's been hard to think of humor yesterday and today. Such a heavy heart.

  9. Merry Christmas, Helen! B i so glad that you are always ready and willing to give advice. ;-)


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