Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Follow the Yell-OH NO! Pick Road

IT's that time of year again, Loved Ones!

Time to lock up your wives and daughters?

Yes! If you don't want them running off and spending all their cold hard cash at The HWY 127 Sale - Otherwise known as THE WORLD'S LONGEST YARDSALE!!

Yes, there really IS a magic land over the rainbow, kiddies!
It's littered with miles and miles of fabulous crapola.
Are there wicked witches? get between Helen and something she wants to buy and FIND OUT!

For the first time ever I am not just going out multiple days (HWY 127 is only about 20 miles from my house) but going out and STAYING OUT for multiple days!

This is on Route 66 not Hwy 127 but ain't it cute?

First Route 66 then THIS? Pinch me!

She said to pinch her but don't do it, Stewy. I think it's a trap.

I can't take you all with me in the van.

While, like the Tin Man, Helen is often tanked on the road, unlike the Tin Man, Helen has no heart.
This year Helen won't be the driver so she can take lots and lots of PHOTOS! Listen carefully because you may never hear these words again - YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!

Hahahahaha. Did you see that? Command?
Do I look like a woman who gives a rat's patoot about the commands of others?

Okay, let's not call them commands, let's call them... suggestions. Let me know what you'd want to see on this epic yard sale-ing adventure and I'll try to get a photo of it for you!


  1. I'm super duper jealous. Take lots and lots of pics!!

  2. My darling - if you see any decorative decanter bottles (triangular shaped with pointy, bulbous stoppers), please photograph. And if you find any that are not green, blue or amber, and you can score it for under $15, buy it and I will reimburse you!! Have a great time - I am so jealous!

    1. I promise - if I remember. You get out there and it's easy to get junk drunk!

  3. I wanna go! Yes, take pix! Lots of 'em!

  4. Won't you have fun? Wish I could tag along. I love pictures of old signs...especially ones that have to do with farming. Can't wait to see what you come up with- xo Diana

    1. Ooooh, here's something you might not know - there are some things, often signs among them - that the vendors do not want you to take photos of! Signs because many signs are stolen (not that they stole them but they can be fined for selling stolen goods). Wild, huh? I had a guy make me get out of his booth last year with my camera.

  5. I've always wanted to go to this sale, but it has never worked out. Have a good time and show us lots and lots of fun photos!

  6. Weird taxidermy. I'd love to see that!

  7. This sale always pops up before I know it. One of these years I have to go! Hope you had a great time! :)

  8. I agree I would love to tag along with you and take pictures, search for treasures, stop for lunch, chat hunt some more and take more pictures and laugh and have a candy bar and laugh and shop then spend the night in a cozy motel and start all over the next day with some pancakes and coffee...I would be full of energy then...yay for fun


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