Monday, July 8, 2013

Not a Happy Camper?

Hello Loved Ones, Hello Bloggers,
Here I am at Camp Grumpy Mama,
Summer is so quickly waning
And I think there should be more than just sustaining…
(If you can't figure out why there is a song now running through your head - link and listen!)

Allan Sherman's 1963 take on summer camp

I tell ya, Helen is feeling nostalgic lately.

This is how Helen thinks she looks when she feels nostalgic
This is how she actually looks:

Really? A VINTAGE addict feeling nostalgic? Alert the media!

Just missing those summer days of my childhood. Splashing in a crystal blue pool. Riding your bike until your legs turned to rubber. Chasing the ice cream truck down the block to get a treat.

I haven't had ice cream in years but if a BEER  truck came down the street, look out!

There are some things that shouldn't stop just because you get older. Lazy Summer days are one of them.  

HUH? Lazy is OUT? Since When?

I loved summer as a kid. I loved summer when my own kids were young too. And made the most of it in every way I could.
But in the 9-5 world there is no summer break.
And there is no summer camp.

This is what summer looks like in my nostalgic dream. In a few seconds, Helen will come roaring through this idyllic scene in a big pink convertible with the top down. I mean the CAR top... probably.
Helen NEEDS summer camp. So I hereby decree- Helen GETS summer camp!

The tents are private and air conditioning adjacent! 
Yes, I pitched a tent on my back deck. It's not the worst thing I've ever pitched out there! 

Here’s what Camp Helen looks like:

There is nature stuff

Hubby Hartman selected and maintains the container garden.
What did you expect Helen can hardly contain HERSELF!

There are crafts

Making pickles is a craft, right? Or is it an art? The proof will be in the pudding.
And if they taste like pudding it's neither craft nor art!

There are sing alongs

And by sing along I mean Helen will sing along as she teaches herself to play the ukulele.
Kum Ba Ya My Kookie Honolulu Hula Baby anyone?

Just because the rest of the world stopped doing the things that made them happy doesn’t mean you have to!

Dance like nobody's watching is one thing but to dance when nobody else is dancing? Watch out! Helen once got a sent to a whole different kind of summer camp for THAT! 

Camp On,Happy Campers, Camp on!  


  1. I think we all need to pitch a tent in our own yards from time to time. I loved to do that when I was a kid. I even loved to make tents inside the house from quilts and chairs. Why do we have to quit doing things we love just because we become adults?

  2. I am visiting with my daughters in Tennessee and Illinois. I love it when I visit them. They treat me like I am on vacation. I am on permanent vacation but it fun when you are away from your own everyday answering questions about, what's for breakfast, what's for lunch and what's for dinner.
    Enjoy the tent, I'll just check into the Hyatt.
    Love to you and hubby, Ginger

    1. Awww, maybe they would let you pitch a tent in the lobby of the Hyatt! Enjoy your stay.

  3. I think I will pitch my tent inside where there are no mosquitoes and the a/c is humming along. The last time I camped out I had to dial 911 to get me off the ground in the morning. :)

    1. Bwahaha - I have an air mattress. I just roll onto my feet. It's ain't pretty but it works.

  4. I never went to real camp. We always went to the cottage. So now my artist friend Kate and I go up there and have craft camp. We do outside and inside, and when all is said and done, it is the best camp of all!

    1. I am so jealous! Camp is one of those times with youth is wasted on the young - wish I could go to camp with grown ups!

  5. I'll have one of what the dog had!!! Happy Summer:@)

    1. He's livin' on love... and table scraps

  6. Dear HH, I too want to be in the perpetual state of CAMP.

    Does that mean I will finally learn all the words to Kumbaya?

    I understand there is craphting at your camp. Please don't make me view Pinterest pins, I beg of you!

    1. LOL - my craft are mostly unfinished piles of stuff - nobody ever pins that junk!

  7. I loved summer also. I never went to camp only Bible school. Your post was just what I needed - took me down memory lane. Thanks for the memories.
    Have a great summer week.

  8. I vote for a hotel summer camp! Actually my two teen boys are both away at camp this week, so I'm haveing Quiet Home Camp!

    1. Whew - alone time. Who knew it would become such a rare commodity?

  9. Dearest Helen,
    Thank you for the recipe advice. I have never tried putting pickles in my pudding but it sounds a treat. Didn't I meet you at that OTHER summer camp?
    Miz Bagg

  10. It was the best 4th ever because I just didn't do anything meaningful at all. Hiking, biking, movies. A tent in the backyard was even discussed at one point. We decided that we just don't have anywhere to put the stakes now that the grass has been replaced with gravel. Ouch.

  11. If there is pickles I am there!
    I am with you on the whole summer camp thing.
    The other day I was reminiscing on how when I was a child I pretty much LIVED in my swimsuit. I would want to wear it from morning to night. I am sure my Mom had many of fights trying to get me into normal clothing at times. I wish I still felt that way now.... *hahaha* Now I can't find the perfect swimsuit!!! You know the one that hides all the stuff one tries to hide. But when I am in my own backyard I thankfully don't worry much about that.
    The hubs and I have yet to set up a tent in the backyard this year.... I usually do more than a few times... but recently we ended up with a next door neighbor from Hell who likes to throw big party's that don't come to a end until around 4 a.m. Hearing people up-chucking while I am trying to get some shut eye does not sound like a good time. Now I really want to camp!! So maybe I will try and cross my fingers the booze hound has other plans that day.

    p.s. I love all your flowers!

  12. My husband's idea of camping is any floor below the penthouse - not that we ever stayed in a penthouse - so I gave up camping when I married him. I might just camp out in the backyard all by myself! Can I borrow your watch dog?


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